Deities, also known as Pagan gods, or more accurately, The Old Gods, are a race of immortal supernatural entities, with each being part of a pantheon relative to a region of the world. These pantheons usually have a rich mythology associated with it, although some of it has been lost to time.

Deities are fuelled by the recognition of their existence as well as worship and belief, their effectiveness and strength vary from god to god depending on the amount of worship, belief, faith, prayers, and sacrifices they receive, and in turn grants them their powers and abilities. The majority of Deities tend to act on their own behalf and not for the good of humanity, more or less all possessing a want for human worship in some way.

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Powers and Abilities

While Deities tend to have a wide variety of powers, there are a few abilities they tend to have in common:

Standard Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Deities are stronger than most other supernatural entities, though between their own kind their strength levels can vary somewhat.
  • Near-Immortality: Deities are naturally immortal, meaning their lives are nearly infinite less they be killed.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Deities do not tire easily, and can continue fighting or continuing tasks for a notable amount of time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Deities are basically damage wells, able to take an impressive amount of damage and still keep on fighting. Any kind of force regardless of strength, be it punches, kicks or being slammed into walls or the floor will do less than their intended effect, though still do some damage. They are also unable to be harmed by most conventional weapons and have a decent resistance against fire, electricity, acid and both the cold and heat, as well as energy based weapons.
    • Regeneration: Deities can recover from injuries at a much greater rate than humans can.
  • Clairsentience: Deities are able to sense a wide variety of supernatural energies, as well as the divine aura of other Deities. Athena was able to sense that Michael Afton's soul was bound to his decaying body.

Similar Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Both Vortigon and Hades have been shown to be proficient in creating and controlling fire.
  • Shape-shifting: Loki and Aphrodite were both shown to be able to change into different forms, and both used them to try manipulate events during Lovestruck.
  • Spell Casting: Isis, being a goddess of magic, knows various various different spells to supplement her lost strength. While it has not been revealed in story yet, Vortigon learned many of his powers through magic.
  • Apportation: Deities who use weapons in combat are able to materialise said weapons in their hand almost instantaneously without needing to carry said weapon on them. This has a short cool-down, however.
    • Teleportation: Said weapons can also be teleported away to an unknown safe-space.


Similar Skills

  • Combat: Most Deities have been shown to be capable fighters. Vortigon, for instance, can use his pyrokinesis to create fireballs around him hurl at his enemies as well as fight with his sword. Athena, while also proficient with her weapons,
  • Weapon Proficiency: Some Deities have shown to be proficient in weapons. Vortigon wields a fiery sword as his weapon of choice, while Athena fights with either her spear of a pair of blades.


  • Worship Empowerment: Deities are fuelled by worship and recognition of them. A sufficient lack of it due to the decline of their believers and worshippers, has left them weakened and not at their full power.
  • Sustenance: Deities still require food and water to live, and are susceptible to dehydration and starvation.
  • Asphyxiation: Depriving a Deity of oxygen will kill them.
  • Divine Weapons: Since divine weapons are made for/by or have the power of deities themselves, most of these weapons can harm or kill them as well.
    • Divine Items: This also applies to other Deity-related items.
  • Extreme Blunt Force: While immune to most forms of bodily harm, blunt force still has an effect, like when Blast was able to knock Athena out by smacking her on the head with a tree.
  • Severe Bodily Harm: Despite being able to recover fairly well from damage ad possessing nigh-impenetrable skin, should their skin be penetrated, they cannot recover well from severe organ damage, loss of a limb or severe blood loss.
  • Higher Beings: Deities can be overpowered by stronger entities. An example was when Red Fork was able to defeat Loki in Lovestruck.
    • Higher Deities: Stronger Deities tend to be able to beat other Deities. Vortigon was able to defeat Isis, Athena and Thoth during Into the Fire.
  • Magic: Deities are vulnerable to magic.
    • Rituals: Certain rituals are able to trap Deities.
    • Magic Attacks: Powerful magic projectiles are able to harm them.
    • Shadowjitzu and Photojitzu: Light and Shadow energy has shown to be able to harm them, usually when used as a direct attack.


  • The term Pagan is considered offensive amongst Deities, as it was a term coined by early Christians, believers of a religion which now has claimed many of their once-believers. When Alice refers to Athena as a pagan deity to her face during Echo Call, she reacts by punching the glass wall separating the two, not shattering it but with enough force to scare the gang present.
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