Dark Starcade is the evil counterpart of Starcade, first created by Shogo the Warlord as part of the latter's plan to get rid of Kyoji. Since the events, Dark Starcade has moved on to work under Olympus in Champion City, taking upon the role of second-in-command. She is owned by PeaVZ108.


  • Hacking: Similar to Starcade, she is intelligent enough to hack computers and breach firewalls.
  • Robotics: She can easily reprogram machines.
  • Fighting Build:Dark Starcade has well-rounded stats, with melee attacks that pack a punch and an agility that allows her to dodge with ease.


  • Laser Pistols: Like her normal counterpart, she carries a pair of laser pistols to use in tricky situations. Her pistols both fire fast moving green lasers.




Dark Starcade hates Starcade to the core and wants to get rid of her at all costs.


Although Dark Starcade works alongside Cuboy a lot, she finds him rather annoying and useless. She's looking for every opportunity to get Cuboy booted on top of that.


Dark Starcade is loyal towards Olympus, willing to serve him under his will. They share a common goal in getting rid of Starcade.



Virtual Dimension (Digital Area) Kirby- Planet Robobot Music Extended

Dark Starcade's Battle Theme


  • Dark Starcade used to have shadow powers via Shogo the Warlord since her debut, only to be removed in Shadows of War when fighting against Captain Dark Shell.
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