Dark Knight

Dark Knight Super Monkey is a form of Super Monkey introduced in Season 3. After his death from turning into Eclipse, the dark matter he left behind was used to reform him. As a side effect of this, the dark matter has taken over a large part of his body, disabling a lot of abilities the normal Super Monkey is capable of. He is currently a part of The Shadow Team, with the goal of finding an object of pure light to stabilize his dark matter.


While locked into this form, Super Monkey is not capable of using a lot of his abilities. However, he does still have a few abilities to make up for it:

  • 'Dark Glaives: Dark Knight Super Monkey's main attack is to toss dark glaives rapidly. These can push enemies back and deal greater damage to larger enemies.
  • Camo Detection: Has heightened his vision, so now he can see stealthed enemies, including Camo Bloons.
  • Flight: He can still fly.
  • Plasma Glaives: He can expend some energy to improve the power of his Dark Glaives. Magic immune enemies, like Purple Bloons, are not affected by these, however.

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Dark Knight is the third upgrade on Super Monkey's bottom path in Bloons TD 6. Its default cost (In Medium mode) is $5500. The attacks do triple damage against M.O.A.B. class bloons, and have 3x pierce compared to regular darts. The monkey can be further upgraded to Dark Champion for $60,000, which gives it another glaive, further increases pierce and M.O.A.B. damage, and nullifies all bloon immunities, and can be even further upgraded into Legend of the Night for $240,000, which summons a black hole that prevents leaks for 7.5 seconds, and even further increases pierce and M.O.A.B. damage.

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