Dark Jaiden is a character in the In a Locked Room and The Room of Mysteries series of roleplays, partly based off Jaiden Animations' cartoon self. She is Jaiden's evil clone and a minion of Galaximus, who is bent at destroying the gang, and anything that gets in here way.


Dark Jaiden looks like Jaiden, except her hair is red, her eyes are orange, and she wears a black robe.


Unlike her original counterpart, Dark Jaiden is stern, focused, and fearless.

Powers and abilities

See Scorchjitsu for more info.
Dark Jaiden has usually the same powers as her original counterpart. However, she has also mastered the forbidden art of Scorchjitsu, which allows her to do fire-based attacks.



Understandably, these two hate each other. Having mastered the opposite arts of Fridjitzu and Scorchjitsu, they constantly fight each other


Galaximus created Dark Jaiden in the first place, and the two are great friends. Being one of her minions, Dark Jaiden is willing to do whatever Galaximus wants.


The only reason she hates Jenny is because Galaximus wants Jenny dead.


  • Dark Jaiden was chosen to have fire powers for The Ninjas of Ice.
  • Jaiden has mastered Scorchjitsu.
  • Dark Jaiden has her ice powers from being a clone of Jaiden, and her fire powers from Fire Ninja training.
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