Dark Flashlephant is a human from the H4W-H4W universal stream.


Lazy usually.

In the locked rooms

He, 574lk3r and ROCKFLAME ended up in the locked room after an accident. He ended up being a common power-up for ROCKFLAME until ROCKFLAME got turned into a killer robot. After that, he ended up being a power-up for 574lk3r. In the Lair of the Dark Star, ROCKFLAME killed him once and he got revived. Later, he disappeared and while the other 2 Humanimals in the Humanimal Command Team were searching for him, he made a call to someone that revealed his true allegiance with the machines in 2040. He and ROCKFLAME both died killing each other.


ROCKFLAME: ROCKFLAME is his best friend. He is usually given secrets that he always keeps. When D4rk51d3 showed his true allegiance, ROCKFLAME felt betrayed.

574lk3r: Unknown. ROCKFLAME's secrets involve her.

M.I.R.A.G.E: A (former) teammate who is also one of ROCKFLAME's friends.

A.K: Sometimes mocks him due to his height, but (school) friends.

71m3fr3d1c: Gets bossed around by 71m3fr3d1c.

5733lwh4l3: A friend of his with a similar personality. They were both double agents for the machines, but 5733lwh4l3 did it later.

Shattered Glass Dark Flashlephant: They hate each other.