"It is I! The Dark Dirigible Titan! Master of the bloons!"
— Dark Dirigible Titan, when he first encounters the gang

Dark Dirigible Titan was one of the two Bloon Masters, the other being Bloonarius the Inflator. He joined Ripto over a deal that he could kill the dragons if Ripto assisted him in killing the monkeys.


Before the rooms, D.D.T. was a huge threat to the monkeys along with Bloonarius. When Bloonarius decided that D.D.T. was inferior, he abandoned him to fend against the monkeys himself. Since then, D.D.T. wanted to destroy the monkeys and Bloonarius.

After being stopped by the monkeys of Monkey City countless times, D.D.T. decided to confront Ripto to make a deal for him: If he helped him kill the monkeys, then he could have some bloons for his army. Ripto accepted the deal, and D.D.T.'s bloons were added into Ripto's Army. Immediately afterwards, Dimentio noticed that Ripto had a Pure Heart, and sent Bloonarius to attack the two. Thankfully for him, Ripto stopped Bloonarius' bloons from doing any damage.

He attacked the gang in Popping Party at the Monkey City, but got killed by Super Monkey turned into Eclipse. However, he will return in The Overthere, where he will battle Darl Dracul and get back to the rooms.

Official Description

Huge, Dark, Durable, Scary, and full of gas. D.D.T. is easily one of the scariest bloons to date. He'll do anything to stop the monkeys once and for all, which is why he joined fellow villain Ripto. He controls the bloons.

Abilities and Inventory

  • Bloon Elements: He was immune to sharp objects, bombs and ice. He's also hard to see.
  • Super Speed: He was as fast as a pink bloon.


  • Ripto: After making a deal with him, they became close allies. The two assisted each other in both of their missions. Even after death, D.D.T. still communicates with Ripto as a ghost.
  • Bloonarius the Inflator: One of his two sworn enemies. When Bloonarius betrayed him, D.D.T. swore to terminate him one day.
  • Super Monkey: Being the hero of the monkeys, he's D.D.T.'s other sworn enemy, and the character he saw as the biggest threat.

Villainous Acts Done


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