The Dark Beacon is a special beacon made by the Dark Star in the final room to disable the powers and abilties of many of the characters, as well as contain the bodies of the fallen heroes for Necrola to turn into Killer Robots, and for Flowey the Flower to absorb the SOULs from. According to Flowey, he has to fix it every time it gets broken.


The following characters were unaffected, due to lacking abilities:

The following effects did occur during the Lair of the Dark Star:

  • Script lost some of his knowledge.
  • Me had no more psychic powers, but still could reincarnate.
  • GLaDOS was unaffected, due to her personality core being at room 21.
  • Barbarian King couldn't use Iron Fist.
  • Super Monkey was depleted of his spikeballs.
  • Sans the Skeleton couldn't summon Gaster Blasters.
  • Star's wand was changed to have low energy, causing her spells to be duds. She also can't use her Dimensional Scissors.
  • Marco became far clumsier. (This is odd, since he's a normal human.)
  • Voltaire couldn't use Plant Food. In addition, her electric powers were weakened.
  • Rosalina couldn't teleport.
  • Gruffle's toxic effect wass disabled.
  • Papyrus' bone attacks were disabled.
  • Tom the Toxic Pea couldn't use toxins.
  • Mewtwo's powers wee weakened.
  • Marcy became human.
  • Angris couldn't be angered.
  • President Toilet couldn't be cloned.
  • Milo's law turned against him, and caused bad things to happen to him only.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog's speed was reduced to other characters' speed.
  • P.E.K.K.A did less damage with his sword.
  • Mini Pekka was slower.
  • The Aerielbots and all combiner teams couldn't combine.
  • Lucas' Cute Fishron was not affected when wet.
  • The Mysterious Figure was also unaffected by the beacon, due to Dark Star not expecting him to return.
  • ☟☜☹☹⚐📬 was also be unaffected by the beacon, because he joined in late.

Potential Effects

The following would be unaffected had they been introduced at the time.

These are effects that would happen to characters had they been introduced at the time.

  • Spyro wouldn't be able to use any breath runes aside from Fire.
  • Most Elemental Ninjas would be unable to use their elemental ninja powers.
  • Lemres would constantly be in his sugar withdrawal state.



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