Cutie the Blooming Heart was a lamprocapnos plant who ends up in the Locked Room universe.


Cutie was told to explore the Locked Room challenge by the plants, since she is sometimes a powerhouse with her stocked damage. Although, she wants to only appear every Valenbrainz season. When it was time, she found the Locked Room challenge entrance, and entered. However, she was instantly being the target for the Killer Robots for no clear reason. She got away, but at the same time, she got the habit to act weird sometimes.


Cutie loved ANYTHING but the Killer Robots. She had a loving personality and tended to sacrifice someone for the better future. She got comfortable with anyone. When she discovered she is a target of the Killer Robots, she got unsatisifed with them. She sometimes acted weird from an effect, and tries to get it off.


  • Cutie launched hearts that increases damage over time indifinitely. This lasted until the fight is over.
  • Cutie launched glitchy hearts that either instantly kills enemies or makes them invincible. The latter usually happens.

Plant Food effect

When fed by Plant Food, Cutie fires a barrage of hurting lunar hearts.

Vine Counterpart

Cutie's vine counterpart was called "Spiky Heart", as dubbed by Voltaire. She is still the same as it is.

Experiences So Far

Cutie appeared in the Splatoon challenge, which is actually interrupted through the characters being in space. She tries to get used on things.

Cutie can make anything heart-shaped. She cares about life, and hates having a land of no life, as revealed in the Splatoon Rooms Part 2.

In the Viridian Forest, Cutie was fired brutally by fiery missiles of a Killer Robot. She barely survived the attack.

Cutie got her name revealed in one point by accident. She is shown to feel bad about anything in the Singing Monsters room. In the Kung-Fu Panda room, she got out of the rooms.

In The Room of Super Mario Galaxy, it was revealed that she got turned into a Cursed Shroomer while escaping by Immortelle. See her Cursed Shroomer form page for more details.



  • Cutie's ability to make enemies invincible was the idea from a glitch in Plants vs Zombies 2 which was fixed.
  • Her escape was quite intentional by the user.
    • However, she returned, as a Cursed Shroomer.
  • Although her appearance is just a plain Blooming Heart, she has an artwork ready, but needs to be uploaded for now.
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