— Cute Fishron

Lucas' Cute Fishron (Or, simply, Cute Fishron) is the mount of Lucas. He originally had no personality beyond "Mount of Lucas", but received a more notable personality in The Room of Super Mario Galaxy to make up for Lucas' kidnapping.


Before Lucas first defeated Duke Fishron, Duke was Cute Fishron's father. Duke was very neglective of him, only feeding himself on unlucky adventures without feeding him at all. Cute Fishron only had the occasional crab to keep himself alive, before Lucas defeated Duke Fishron. The archer found Cute swimming out of the ocean to find out what was going on. Lucas, feeling bad for the malnourished pigron, brought him some shrimpy truffles he found in the Glowing Mushroom biome. While on his way out, he noticed that Cute Fishron was following him. He didn't want Lucas to leave him, so he followed him home, and Lucas decided to adopt him and feed him Shrimpy Truffles often.

His first use since Lucas' freedom from Golem and joining the gang was in The Room of PaRappa the Rapper, to capture Yarrow.

In The Room of Undertale, Lucas wasn't able to use him until the battle against Omega Flowey, as it'd make it easy to escape the underground.

He eventually got a personality in The Room of Super Mario Galaxy, being somewhat like a cat or dog. He was incredibly stressed without Lucas to look after him, but followed Barbarian King and Super Monkey, as they are close friends of Lucas.

During The Lair of the Dark Star, he sacrificed himself to save Lucas from Asriel Dreemurr's hyper goner attack. He was turned into a Killer Robot by Necrola, but was reverted shortly before her defeat.

In the distant future, he seemingly died of old age, as indicated by Future Lucas explaining to his past self that pigrons have a shorter lifespan than the average human.

Abilities and weapons

  • Flight: He can fly, making him an effective mount.
  • Rage: He becomes much faster and boosts the rider. This happens when touching a liquid or when his rider is hurt.



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