"Gah! Shroombies!"
Jelo Elducal

Cursed Shroomers are species created by Immortelle. They are the mushroom equivalent to Killer Robots, but with most changes between them. They cannot betray their master, cannot betray even with each other, cannot be reasoned with, having an average attack power, have dark personalities sometimes, and others.


"Cursed Shroomers are not to be messed with. They look like mushrooms, and they are, but they are not ordinary ones! If your friend turns into one, you CANNOT turn them back unless you defeat him or her, AND Immortelle herself. But some got different requirements other than that..."


All Cursed Shroomers have the violet or purple cap. All of them also have yellow eyes and flower or starry hands. The rest will vary from the victim him/her/itself.

List of Victims


  • Like Necrola turning characters to Killer Robots if they die, Immortelle will turn characters to Cursed Shroomers, whether they die or not.
  • They were actually planned out since the beginning.
  • Since it was released late, it's not that popular and there are only 2 victims that are known.
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