Crush is one of Ripto's main minions, alongside Gulp. Everywhere he goes, he carries a drumstick that he uses as a club.


It's unknown where Crush started, but it's highly likely that he was alongside Gulp, begging for work from Dark Star, where Ripto found them and hired them as full workers. From there, the three went on to kill massive amounts of Dragons.

When the gang got into the rooms, Ripto prepared an arena for Crush that allowed him to use buttons to shoot fireballs and shockwaves. However, due to Ripto's complete stupidity regarding building design, Crush ended up getting crushed under massive amounts of boulders due to hitting the ground too often.

When the gang got to Ripto's arena, Ripto had resurrected Crush, but didn't do too much with him. When Ripto fell out of the arena, Crush recommended to Gulp to chase after him and ended up falling himself. Unfortunately, the three were rescued by Dark Dirigible Titan.

Official Description

One of Ripto's two most loyal minions! Watch out for his massive club, as it might be the last thing you'd ever see! However, if you have Skytonian magic on your hand, then this is your chance to strike, as this is his greatest weakness!

Abilities and Inventory

  • Giant Drumstick: His main weapon. He sometimes takes a bite out of it while he's waiting.


  • Ripto: His master. He always obeys his commands.
  • Gulp: Usually alongside him in missions. They were found in the same area, and are Ripto's most loyal underlings.


  • His death was ironic, as he was crushed under boulders.
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