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Creeper, real name Aaron Kobalt is a character in In a Locked Room. He first appeared in LitF Crossover, due to Jelo Elducal breaking the fourth wall. This was later retconned, with his true backstory being explained in The Other Side of Hell


Creeper is black, and has a large-ish brown Afro. He wears a blue shirt with the American flag on it, despite being English. He has a metal left arm.


  • Fourth Wall Awareness
  • His metal arm can shapeshift to his advantage. Current forms that have been seen in the series are:

LitF Crossover

  • A Tundra Suit
  • A crêpe gun (by Crêper)

Mass Attack

  • A non-working grenade
  • A giant gauntlet
  • A jetpack
  • Mass Cannon

Popping Party at the Monkey City

  • A Shield
  • A machine gun

Here we Are

  • A vacuum cleaner


The Other Side of Hell


LitF Crossover

Jelo breaks the fourth wall, and, due to the nature of the break, Creeper is created. He helps the gang find The Hot Room and fix the LitF Universe, but ends up in 2016 in The Locked Lab.

Mass Attack

He arrives in The Popopo Islands, and fights Shatter. He goes along with the team, until they reach Sandy Canyon, where he meets Chi, a sand creature taking the shape of a cat. Eventually, after the gang defeat Lady Ivy, he is teleported somewhere, knocked out, and taken away.

Isolation Point

It is revealed that he was turned into a robotic version of himself, attacking the gang but always being unable to hurt Voltaire for...unknown reasons (feel free to speculate why!).

The Dream Dimension

C-R-E-E-P is reverted back into Creeper, who then leaves the IaLR universe in order to take a mortally wounded Lillie back to his house.

That Good Night


Life Outside of The Rooms

After Lillie returns to the rooms, he gets a therapist and eventually overcomes his depression and meets the gang again after they clear the rooms for the final time.

There, he meets Solana and develops a relationship with her, eventually getting married at 19. However, an assassin targets them and...

What The Future Holds

IaLR: The Series

This version of Creeper got his arm injury from an accident at 3. He has a crush on Neptune, but claims it’s his metal arm talking.

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