Clementine Bloom is a Perfume-shroom determined to make herself rise above all the rest. Abused when she was young, she is thirsty for power to be in charge for once. Because of this, she followed Citriana Jones to an alien temple, where she gained the knowledge of everything. Although, unbeknownst to her, T3PK became aware of her smartness. Due to this, she tries continuously to stop them, even if it meant killing them. She finally succeeded killing Escrape, causing her to be T3PK's primary enemy.

She serves as both a villain and (once in a while) an anti hero.


A Perfume-shroom whose goal was to originally kill Citriana Jones because he was the only one who knew about her. Although, she met T3PK, and Pea soon found out who she was and Pea announced it to the other members of T3PK.


Clem is a power-hungry woman. Not one to let time go to waste, she always plans everything out. If she doesn't have a plan, she'll make one quickly. She despises anyone who quickly jumps to conclusions or doesn't think. Although, she doesn't see herself as a villain. She doesn't want to be bad, but wants to make people unaware of her smartness (which is why she wants to stop T3PK). Clem has served as an anti hero once.

Abilities, Skills, Items

  • Knowledge- She has way above average intelligence. In fact, she is the smartest living thing in the current universe.
  • Crafty- Clem can make something beneficial for her in almost any situation.
  • Aware- Clem is so aware that she can dodge attacks when fighting, so she is an excellent defender when it comes to martial arts. Although she never trained in martial arts, so she can't fight (only defend).
  • Teleportation- She stole the Space-Time Pendant from Pea, and is currently using it to chase T3PK through time.
  • Space-Time Pendant- This, along with the watch, was given to Pea by L.E.A.F. to go back in time and protect T3PK. Although, Clem had taken the it, and Pea currently only has the Space-Time Watch. It requires very "advanced, high-tech ingredients" or a very long time to recharge, like the watch. She is determined to get the watch, as well.

In a Locked Room series

Season 1B:

Ep. 31- During the Subspace attack, she knocks Pea out unconscious and demands for their time machine.

Season 2A:

Ep. 5- Clem is seen writing down plans onto a journal. It is unknown what she'd written, and Sasha never got a chance to see. Sensing Sasha, she quickly formulated a lie, and asked Sasha what a "fellow citizen" is doing in the woods. Sasha, who'd known everyone in the city, quickly realizes it's a lie and asks her what she was doing. Clem drops her act and tells Sasha that she'll help her look for her daughter, and that she'd thought her daughter had gone in the LR portal (which had just recently opened). Clem convinces Sasha to enter the rooms, and it can be inferred that she has greater plans for this action. Sasha is introduced to Clem's base, which is seen for the very first time. She tells Sasha to make herself comfortable, and walks off revealing that she knows Sasha will have a great role in the room's fate later down the road.

Ep. 6- Clem introduces Sasha to the camp's residents. She accidentally slips up and says 'destroy T3PK', but she manages to correct herself. It was enough to make Sasha suspicious, though. The next day, someone attacks the camp, which causes her to heighten security- establishing the rule that nobody came in or out unless with permission. Anyone caught would be punished more severely.

Ep. 11- Appeared in a flashback.


  • Clem is based off of Irina Spalko (woman in Indiana Jones, search it up!), except that she survived the part where she gains a bunch of knowledge.
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