"Then fight! No more holding back! Just the two of us!"
— Charizard, before fighting his rival, Blaziken

Charizard is a strong fire and flying type Pokemon. He loves battles and wants to be known as the strongest Pokemon. He is controlled by SuperGaming101.


Charizard evolved from a Charmander, and was picked by Red as his Starter Pokemon. Together, they beat all the gym leaders of Kanto, and beat the Elite Four along with the Champion Blue.

In Kanto one day, he suddenly got kidnapped and transported to the Locked Rooms. After seeing Shatter's rampage at Isolation Point, he used Inferno on Shatter, causing the black hole to disappear. Charizard then battled Shatter, and, with help of The Locked Room Gang, Charizard won the battle, causing Shatter to teleport away from the area.

Charizard then followed The Gang, hoping that they would help him return home so he can reunite with Red. However, as time passed, it had started to look hopeless that he would ever see Red again. Eventually, he began to lose hope, and he accepted his fate as a Wild Pokemon. He met his rival Blaziken in a cave one day, although Charizard lost the battle. They fought again in the Pokemon Tournament in Blaze City, although it ended in a tie, marking the beginning of their heated rivalry.

Personality and characteristics

As mentioned by many Trainers, Red and Charizard have a great bond between them. Charizard is very loyal to Red, even when it was still a Charmander and its Trainer was rather inexperienced. In terms of power, it is one of Red's strongest Pokémon, even able to beat powerful opponents its type is usually weak against.

Thanks to this union and its power, Charizard is able to Mega Evolve, something rarely seen in the Kanto region.

He is confident, and doesn't really fear anything. He is always ready to fight.

Official Description

Behold, the awesome flying fire breathing dragon! Awesome! Don't call him 'cool', though, because he's quite the opposite, and will be one of the hottest Pokemon you've ever fought!

Moves Known


A huge inferno of fire is launched at the target.(Blue when Mega Evolved)

Fire Blast

Charizard takes in a deep breath and releases a ball of yellow-orange fire from its mouth. The ball of fire then turns into a 大-shaped flame that is fired the opponent.(Blue fire when Mega Evolved) It does a big amount of damage and may burn the target, but it also has a higher chance of missing than other moves.


Charizard releases a red-orange stream of fire from its mouth at the opponent.(Blue when Mega Evolved)

Seismic Toss

Charizard grabs the opponent, rises into the air, and throws them into the ground, dealing some good damage.



Red is Charizard's trainer, and Charizard really respects him. He is extremely loyal to him, and does what he is told from him and cares about him.

Red's other Pokemon

Charizard hasn't really got to meet all of them, but he's acquainted with them all, as they are his teammates.


Charizard dislikes him, and thinks that he's a little wimp, as when everyone was teaming up on him, he teleported away. He wishes to fight him again, and to finish him off.


Charizard has never met a Mew before. Although, knowing how rare Mew is, Charizard tries to protect Mew and take responsibility for him, as Mew can get herself into trouble sometimes..


Battle Theme

Pokémon The Origins - Mega Charizard X Theme (HD)

Pokémon The Origins - Mega Charizard X Theme (HD)



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