"I've got news for you. IT WASN'T VERY EFFECTIVE. Now, do you wanna see what a real flamethrower looks like?"
— Charizard, in A Hive of Trouble

Charizard is a fire and flying type Pokemon. He is known for his firey temper and love for fighting. He is controlled by SuperGaming101.


In Kanto one day, he suddenly got kidnapped and transported to the Locked Rooms. After seeing Shatter's rampage at Isolation Point, he used Inferno on Shatter, causing the black hole to disappear. Charizard then battled Shatter, and, with help of The Locked Room Gang, Charizard won the battle, causing Shatter to teleport away from the area.

Charizard then followed The Gang, hoping that they would help him return home so he can reunite with Red. However, as time passed, it had started to look hopeless that he would ever see Red again. Eventually, he began to lose hope, and he accepted his fate as a Wild Pokemon. He met his rival Blaziken in a cave one day, although Charizard lost the battle. They fought again in the Pokemon Tournament in Blaze City, although it ended in a tie, marking the beginning of their heated rivalry.


Charizard is arrogant and boastful, very proud of his strength. He seems to enjoy envoking fear in his enemies, often threatening them with his flames. Charizard is also very reckless, almost always rushing into battle without a second thought. He almost always takes his enemies lightly, laughing at them and making fun of them.

Official Description

Behold, the awesome flying fire breathing dragon! Awesome! Don't call him 'cool', though, because he's quite the opposite, and will be one of the hottest Pokemon you've ever fought!


  • Pyrokinesis: Being a fire type, Charizard has control over fire and he loves to use it in his attacks. This can come in the form of a stream of fire released from Charizard's mouth, or Charizard surrounding himself with fire as he charges into his foe. Moves that Charizard is known to use that involve around this include Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Inferno, Fire Spin, Fire Fang, Heat Wave, Fire Punch, and Overheat.
  • Flight: Being a flying type, Charizard can use the power of his large wings to sweep away his enemies. For example, he may use Air Slash, which involves Charizard flapping his wings at a fast rate to unleash a fast-travelling slash. Another move he could use is called Hurricane, where Charizard may summon a small hurricane that can potentially trap his opponents.
  • Super Strength: Charizard is very powerful when it comes to physical strength. He can break boulders with ease by just either clawing them into pieces or picking them up and throwing them. His claws in particular are very sharp and dangerous, which he uses to destroy objects or beings in his way.
  • Mega Form: Charizard can transform into his Mega Form, which gives him enhanced power, tiring him more quickly than usual as a trade-off. Once in his mega form, Charizard's flame intensity is enhanced, changing to a shade of blue. He is also much physically stronger in this form.



Red is Charizard's trainer, and Charizard really respects him. However, since it has been years since Charizard has seen Red, Charizard acts on his own and he basically become a wild Pokemon again, although he still does remember Red.

Tom the Toxic Pea

The two seem to have a rivalry of sorts, as they always bicker and insult eachother. Charizard always threatens Tom with violance, showing his dislike for him. In A Hive of Trouble, Tom is shown poisoning Charizard after an argument, while Charizard unleashes some flames on Tom in Meltdown at the Laboratory while he was on a firey rampage.


"Then fight! No more holding back! Just the two of us!"
— Charizard, before fighting his rival, Blaziken

"Well, I've got news for you, chump! This time they've got me on their side! That's certainly not good for you, but it's great for these guys. I'll give you a choice. Either you surrender now, or you attempt to fight us and you end up FLAME-BOILED! Gwahaha!"
— Charizard, insulting Queen Chrysalis

"If you want to get roasted, then I'm your guy!"
— Charizard threatening a Changeling, giving away his location.







  • His personality is inspired by Bowser's portrayal in the Mario and Luigi series, specifically Bowser's Inside Story, where Bowser is more of a hero than a villain.
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