Captain Blowhole Porpoisinous Blubberstein, AKA Captain Blowhole, is a major antagonist introduced in the Portal Problem. He is the captain and leader of the electric dolphin navy from down underwater. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Captain Blowhole is one power-hungry villain, with a goal to make his species the most superior amongst all other sea creatures in the ocean. He can be very cunning and merciless, going at any lengths to accomplish his goals.

While Captain Blowhole usually fights for his own goals, he can be willing to form diplomatic relationships and alliances with others (including non-villains), as long as he earns a benefit out of it. He is also observant of his allies and opponents, studying their behavior and every move so that he may be always one step ahead of them (e.g. pulling an UNO reverse card on anyone who tries to betray him).

As cunning as Captain Blowhole may be, he has been shown to show sincere loyalty and commitment to his electric dolphin brethren, to the point that his own army does the same for him whenever he is in trouble.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokinesis: As an electric dolphin, Captain Blowhole is able to generate electricity, using it as a defense mechanism or a powerful attack to electrocute opponents.
  • Hydrokinesis: Captain Blowhole does not have water abilities, but he can use his blowhole to shoot water jets that hurt as much as the blasts of a water ninja.
  • Aquatic Nature: Captain Blowhole, being a dolphin, possesses all the traits of one.
    • Swimming: He can swim at fast speeds through water.
    • Echolocation: Like all dolphins, he can produce short pulses that sound like clicks. These "clicks" are reflected from objects of interest to him and provide information.


  • Swordfighting: Captain Blowhole is a proficient swordfighter, allowing him to use sword attacks.
  • Tactical Mind: Captain Blowhole has been trained in the art of war, giving him a sharp and tactical mind to plan out detailed battle strategies. He can also use this to study his opponents and attempt predicting their next move.


  • Sword of the Current: Captain Blowhole's main melee weapon.


  • Blowhole: Captain Blowhole's blowhole is able to shoot out jets of electrifying water that hurt, but it is also his weak point and the area where he takes the most damage from enemy attacks. It's also how he breathes.


Green Shadow

Captain Blowhole hates Green Shadow just like most of his enemies, as Green Shadow is the leader of the gang from The Portal Problem. He is determined to crush them so that they would not interfere with his plans.

Captain Red Shell

Captain Red Shell is Captain Blowhole's arch-enemy, as he leads the Crab Empire. In Revenge of the Electric Dolphins, it is evident that Captain Red Shell is determined to put an end to the electric dolphins, as the Crab Empire completely ignores Captain Blowhole's demand of their surrender and instead sail straight to Current Line to finish off the electric dolphins.


Blubber used to be Captain Blowhole's pet electric whale. Though Blubber was loyal to Captain Blowhole at first, the latter instead mistreats and even abuses him, to the point that Blubber betrays Captain Blowhole. Since then, Captain Blowhole hates Blubber even more.


Captain Blowhole holds a grudge against Starcade for assisting the Crab Empire to defeat him and his army of electric dolphins in "Aquatic Adventures". In Revenge of the Electric Dolphins, he uses this to his advantage and threatens to dominate the world to seize her database.

Red Ruby

Red Ruby hates Captain Blowhole as much as he hates Dr. Zack, due to how the latter once used him as part of his plans. Captain Blowhole, on the other hand, does not approve of his temper but he does admire Red's bravado and guts.


Ever since The Return of the Warlord, Captain Blowhole sees Tsunami as a nuisance, as she has been constantly stopping him from launching attacks on foreign islands. He is currently still waiting for an opportunity to get rid of her.




Flood Escape 2 OST - Sinking Ship

Captain Blowhole's Battle Theme


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