"What are you on about? I don't take one side, I take NEITHER! Ha! Just how I like life! ...I can do what I want with it, DARE you argue. ...About time someone listened to an original minor, don't you agree?"
— Candlehead (talking to Jenny)[source]

Candlehead is a minor character from Wreck-It-Ralph. She is controlled by BoltBlizard.



See the candle on top of Candlehead's - well, head? She can light that up and put it out whenever she pleases, and it functions like a miniature firework cannon mixed with a flamethrower. She also uses a lot of Sweet Seekers (homing candy rockets) to defend herself when her trusty candle flame isn't enough, and she seems to never run out of them. The only problem is, it's easy to extinguish that candle - and the Sweet Seekers are just as easy to stop as the homing rockets they act like.

Items owned

Candlehead has been on record to steal items from time to time when she had appeared - and added those items to her own collection. Some of them are still on hand, others are destroyed.

On hand

Splat Dualies

Stolen from Galaxi the Kid in Time Trouble, they are basically two miniature assault rifles which blast out ink. Candlehead can't really use them well, but they benefit her high speed, and allow her to make devastating follow-ups with her Sweet Seekers considered to make huge waves of ink, or even burning ink if she lit it all on fire!

Tranquilizer Ray

Stolen from Mad Doc in Locked Room 3D World, this thing is a laser beam of stunning - anyone or anything alive that this hits is put to sleep for at least a range of 10 minutes to an hour. Although - nothing is special about the 'put to sleep' part. It's really just a tool for disrupting people.

Battle Rifle

A gift from Agent Dynasty in Locked Room 3D World, this is Candlehead's first lethal weapon. It's nothing special outside of a normal rifle, though. However - because it is of course a proper lethal rifle, Candlehead often has trouble with the 'ammo department' if she goes haywire with it.


Shrink Ray

Stolen from Galaximus in Time Trouble, this was Candlehead's first major action. A shrink ray in simple terms can re-size anything to smaller size with just a point-and-shoot action. However, due to it being made for Galaximus, Candlehead cannot use it all the time as it is ill-made for herself.

This was destroyed in Locked Room 3D World by the Paypr Hydroe's attacks.


Candlehead is always up and about, dashing around at anything in a moment's notice. Being neutral, Candlehead isn't on either side of the alliance, so she can do anything she pleases. Given this, her enthusiasm and excitement takes over most of the time because basically nobody can stop her.

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