Louis, now known as Boulder, is a 18-year-old human. He was normal until being affected by one of Dr. Zack's machines, making him extremely strong.

The character is roleplayed by Redfork2000, and his first appearance in IALR was in Red Fork's Rampage.


Boulder is a tough guy. He doesn't take attitudes from anyone, whether human or not. He's serious, and determined when he wants to do something. However, he's pretty gullible, since he can be easily tricked by villains, such as Fake Fork in Red Fork's Rampage.


He's extremely strong, and can lift giant boulders without a struggle. He is strong enough to break through walls with nothing more than his bare fists. He is also pretty fast, and can jump very high.


Stats Boulder

At first glance, Boulder's stats seem pretty impressive, with one of the highest power stats of any superpowered teens, along with some of the best health and defense stats of any superpowered teen as well. So in theory you'd think someone like him would be very dominant on the battlefield. However, that's not the case, as he is definitely lacking in several areas.

His mobility and stealth stats are below average, so he's pretty much forced to take the damage, as he can't dodge or hide from enemy attacks too well. His defense stat helps in this regard, but do keep in mind that there's a lot of characters with a high enough power stat to break through these defenses. Boulder's low mobility also means that he finds it difficult to hit opponents that are fast, as he lacks any ranged attacks besides just throwing things, so glass cannons that employ a hit-and-run strategy can be highly effective against him.

Finally, we can see that his lowest stat is intelligence. Although it isn't as abysmal as Scorch's intelligence stat, it still means that Boulder can be easily outsmarted and tricked by most other characters, so he's highly vulnerable to these strategies that can be employed by smarter characters.

In /IaLR: Tier Lists - Characters of the Blast/Dr. Zack Plot! we see that Boulder is a D tier character. Although his power, defense and health stats are solid, the weaknesses he has in other areas make him not as dominant on the battlefield as you'd think. This is a great example that just brute strength isn't enough to reach the higher ranks.

Relations with other characters


Usually they're good friends and they help each other. However, since Boulder is pretty gullible, he can even be tricked to fight Blast and friends. When this happens, Blast usually ends up helping Boulder realize that the villains had tricked him again.


Boulder is usually friends with Tommy, although they don't interact much.


Mega Man 1 - Guts Man Stage (Sega Genesis Remix)

Mega Man 1 - Guts Man Stage (Sega Genesis Remix)

Boulder's Theme

Sonic Adventure 2- King Boom Boo

Sonic Adventure 2- King Boom Boo

Boulder's Battle Theme

== Trivia ==

  • Like with other First-Generation teens, his previous name was revealed in Ace's Dojo.
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