"Wanna hear a joke? (Yes) Wait a minute, I still haven't thought of a punchline! Ha ha, get it? Punch-line?"
— Bonk Choy

Baxter Rallison, AKA Bonk Choy, is a main character who originates from Heroes Through Time and The Portal Problem. He is one of Green Shadow's sidekicks, always by her side along with Re-Peat Moss. He is well-known for his puns and punches. He is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


  • Martial Arts: Bonk Choy has a black belt in kung-fu and is generally good at boxing.
  • Boulder Tossing: Bonk Choy has enough strength to pick up boulders out of nowhere and toss them at opponents. The real mystery is, where do those boulders come from...?


  • Boxing Gloves: Bonk Choy uses boxing gloves that pack a punch when he, uh, punches. He received an upgrade of metal boxing gloves from Metalshoe Jet, increasing the damage output of his punches.


  • Lack of Intelligence: While Bonk Choy shines very well in melee strength, he lacks the intelligence that many other gang members have and thus can be outsmarted pretty easily.
  • Fire: As a plant without superpowers, Bonk Choy is very vulnerable to fire.
  • Females: Bonk Choy is easily smitten around female characters, especially if they are beautiful in his perspective. Therefore, he's one of the few male characters to be easily affected by love charms or spells.


Green Shadow

Bonk Choy is sometimes rebellious to Green Shadow, and ends up getting himself into trouble and getting rescued by Green Shadow. The two share a mother-son relationship, despite not being actually related.

Re-Peat Moss

Bonk Choy and Re-Peat Moss are best friends, to the point where they treat each other as brothers. Despite having little in common, they care about each other's well-being nonetheless.

The PopCap Gang

Bonk Choy is neutral with the PopCap gang. However, Bonk Choy tends to interact more with Lex, despite not being interested in reading and knowledge. Both of them tend to compete with each other at the game Star Fighters, as proven in the IaLR story "Bit by Bit" and in The Great Crossover Competition.


While Starcade does get annoyed at Bonk Choy at times, it's nothing too serious. Bonk Choy also enjoys her company a lot, especially when video games are concerned.

That being said, Starcade does play pranks on Bonk Choy on occasion for laughs, which does make him feel embarrassed.


Bonk Choy is a huge fan of Kyoji, and is excited upon meeting him in "Night of the Ninjas". He admires him as an idol and dreams to become a ninja like him.

Boss Choy

Bonk Choy thinks Boss Choy is basically a worse and lamer version of himself, something which Boss Choy does not care about.

Rainbow Cookie

Bonk Choy has a crush on Rainbow Cookie, which was strong enough to the point that he is willing to do anything in his ability just so that she will not cry.

Orange, Quick Pea and Color Brush

The three are Bonk Choy's classmates from Ace's Dojo, as Bonk Choy has enrolled in it himself. He enjoys training together with them.



Botanic Panic

Bonk Choy's Battle Theme


  • Bonk Choy is one of the three characters who tells puns very often, the other two being Sans and Luan Loud.
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