Blue Ocean is a unicorn that is a great scientist and inventor. He usually passes his day in his laboratory making crazy contraptions and weird wacky machines, that sometimes work but sometimes explode. He is roleplayed by Redfork2000.

His first appearance was in Face the Music.


He is smart, creative, and obsessed with technology and internet. He usually is the one with weird inventions, and tries to prove himself as a worthy teammate for his friend, Red Fork.

Sometimes he shows to be a bit jealous of Red Fork since he's usually the protagonist of almost all their adventures together, but at the end of the day, they're best friends and they're always there for each other.


  • He is really smart.
  • He has a great ability to create machines and inventions, sometimes even in minutes.
  • He can also make interesting potions the cause various effects, the first one that appeared is the Speed Potion.
  • He also can use advanced technology equipment.


Stats BlueOcean

Blue Ocean's best stat is intellgence, as usual for scientist characters. He also seems to have average hp and decent defense, but falls below average on all other stats. This means that even though he can hold his own against other characters, he is not quite at the same level as some more powerful characters like Red Fork or Dark Shadow.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Ponies, Blue Ocean is in D tier, as he is definitely capable of defeating bottom-tier characters, but still doesn't have the necessary stats to be able to face most mid-tiers and high-tiers.

Relations with other characters

Red Fork

They're best friends. They are always a powerful duo, that can overcome pretty much any challenge when they work together.


They usually are good friends. Together with Tommy, they're the three most playful members of the Red Crystals

Captain Red Shell

They don't interact too much, but they can be considered to be friends.

Lemon Glass

Lemon Glass is always caring for Blue Ocean and finding ways to help him. Blue Ocean doesn't pay much attention to her though, but thanks her when he feels she deserves it.


Blue Ocean always attempts to shoot Flossom immediately after seing her appear. He's the one who discovered that she is vulnerable to candies and sugar.

Coffee Cookie

They met each other online in Once Upon a Chatroom. They initially didn't know each other in real life, but they were very good friends. In A Relationship is Baking they finally met each other, and despite Green Tea Cookie's interference, they've started officially dating.


They get along pretty well, as they both love videogames. In several stories, it has been implied that they play videogames together frequently.

Windy Cloud

Blue Ocean seems to appreciate Windy Cloud as a friend and ally, as seen through their few interactions during Deadly Alliance and Tsundere Troubles. He does seem oblivious to the fact that Windy Cloud has a crush on him, though.

Green Tea Cookie

Blue Ocean does not get along with Green Tea Cookie. He doesn't like that Green Tea Cookie is willing to do anything to separate Coffee Cookie and Blue Ocean, and tried to force Coffee Cookie to date him. Blue Ocean considers Green Tea Cookie a selfish and immature cookie who only cares about what he wants, and greatly dislikes how much he tries to force Coffee Cookie to date him instead of Blue Ocean.


  • He is on a Ponybook page called The Demented Scientists. He has mentioned the names of some of the members of that Ponybook community: Banana Heartbeat and Plutonia.
    • Coincidentally, both of those characters are Pony OCs that are not made by Redfork2000, but are made by some of his friends in another wiki.
  • His best friend is Red Fork, but he sometimes tries to compete with him.


Sonic Battle Music - Tails Lab

Sonic Battle Music - Tails Lab

Blue Ocean's main theme

Sonic Adventure 2 Music Request - Suitable Opponent

Sonic Adventure 2 Music Request - Suitable Opponent

Blue Ocean's Battle Theme

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