• PeaVZ108

    After all these time "plagiarizing" other users' blogs and remaking them into my own version, I guess it's time to do something original for once. Kudos to my unoriginal self, I guess.

    Hello everyone, PeaVZ here, this time with a completely original blog. I've been wanting to do this for some time, since I was introduced to Supercell's latest game: Brawl Stars. Although it was soft released in 2017 for some countries, it was released in my country in 2018, so I decided to try it out. And boy oh boy, it was a lot of fun and truly shows how it can leave many players hooked to it.

    So after playing the game for about a week or two and getting to know more about each of the 22 characters in the game, I started imagining how IaLR characters would …

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  • CITRONtanker

    Do you see now what I meant, Jelo? 

    I love these segments in Smash Bros, so it is with great honor that I serve up editions of my own, for my own characters! Please, enjoy, and feel free to share your own!

    Pit: Who's that Inkling?

    Palutena: That there is Jenny, one of the most well-known Inklings in Inkopolis.

    Pit: Huh. What makes her different?

    Palutena: She has size-altering powers, which she got from a source. I still don't know quite where it came from, but nonetheless, it makes her a fierce fighter.

    Pit: I'll say. It's reminding me of that Kraken I fought on the Space Pirate Ship.

    Palutena: Well, this one seems much more intelligent. She also wields an Inkbrush, a weapon she likes to swing like a sword. Watch out, Pit, or you'll be in a worl…

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  • CaptainRustbolt21

    Ever remember that one time where I made a blog about us creating how we look if we were in the IaLR series? Well, today...

    We're remaking that!

    Yupperoo! Today, we're going to reimagine on what our former selves look like if we were to be actual characters within the IaLR Roleplay series! Alright, ready? Here we go!

    Regular Self

    You as yourself! One of the good ol' Roleplayers who control characters, both pre-existing and your own, and act as them within the Internet for fun! Well, in the Wikia in this case.

    • Name: I'm sure you all know what ta do.
    • Rank: Are ya an Admin, Bureaucrat, a Moderator, or just a regular ol' User?
    • Appearance: What would ya look like?
    • Personality: How would you act?
    • Superpowers: What powers would you have ('sides Roleplayin…
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  • JeloElducal

    Jelo's Impossible Quiz?

    January 15, 2019 by JeloElducal

    So as we all know, Redfork2000 copied CITRONtanker's idea, then PeaVZ108 stole- err, I mean, plagiarized it, and now I'm plagia- erm, uhh...appropriating it. It's a tradition passed on from generation to generation, and one day, someone will appropri- uh whoops, I mean rip off my blog post. (Thanks to Fork for recommending me to make this reference!)

    Hello everyone, Jelo here with my own take on CITRONtanker's impossible quiz! These kinds of things have become kinda popular around the wiki, and I figured out it was time to do my own version of it (in reality, I just wanted to use a potential future reference that Redfork mentioned).

    Before you start, here are some rules: NO CHEATING. When you begin this quiz, DO NOT open or look at any page in th…

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  • PeaVZ108

    PeaVZ's Impossible Quiz!

    January 15, 2019 by PeaVZ108

    Previously from Redfork2000's Impossible Quiz...

    Well, two can play at that game, Fork!

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to Impossible Quiz: Plagiarized PeaVZ Edition. Yes, I suppose this is becoming a trend now. Now that's some things I do that adults probably don't do.

    One good quiz deserves another. Yeah, make sure you studied well throughout the stories we have in this wiki, because this quiz is going to be your worst nightmare rather easy and definitely nowhere near impossible. Oh wait, this is supposed to be the Impossible Quiz? Whoops!

    Same as always, no cheating but skipping questions is fine. It's possible to have more than one answer per question, because peas are generous unlike the other inferior speacies. But get them right, or sit tight fo…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Redfork2000 here! Today we're going to bring you Redfork2000's Impossible Quiz! You see, most of you know that our friend CITRONtanker uploaded a quiz a few hours ago about his roster. Here's the link to his quiz if you haven't seen it already:!

    So I'm sort of stealing this idea from him. No wait... that's not right... I'm not stealing it... I'm "plagiarizing it".

    So, yeah, our favorite inkling made a blog post consisting in a super hard quiz about his roster... which I obviously aced! *cough cough* Sorta *cough cough*

    Anyway, I decided to "plagiarize" his idea, and make a blog post making a quiz about my roster. But is it just a hard…

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  • CITRONtanker

    So, you think you know my characters, huh? HA! I pitty you all! Do you know what I'm capable of?! I can make your time here a pit of torment! I've done a quiz before, but that was just a lightweight effort! An appetizer! Now, I serve you all up a feast of my hardest trivia from all of my characters!

    One rule, poor souls. NO CHEATING! None whatsoever! Once you start the quiz on this page, you stay on this page! Skipping questions is fine, but I'll be merciless here. Do your best! Or worst! Whatever! Lets begin!

    My main threesome is as well-known as the Three Stooges. Jenny, Galaximus, and Nebula set a foundation for anything I do here. Yet, for three sisters, they are awfuly different. Name the odd one of these three out, and name two reasons…

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  • CITRONtanker

    I've noticed a fair number of users doing something like this, making tier lists that go in line with the strength of their characters, and how great that is comparing it to others. What do tier lists mean nowadays? Practically nothing! But it's always fun, right? Note that these might be in no particular order, but some might. Inconsistent, perhaps, but it's better than nothing!\

    • Jenny: Was there ever any doubt? Jenny is, for all intents and purposes, the star of my roster. Armed with a never say-die attitude, intellect beyond many of my characters, unrivaled Inkbrush skills, and power passed down from a certain someone, Jenny is a brute force, the true tank of the Gang. Lets all be thankful she is not a villain. Speaking of which....
    • Galax…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! I'm Redfork2000, and I'm here with big news!

    You might of heard of IaLR: Card Wars, right? If not, you can checkit out in this link:

    So, what's the big news about? We're having a major update in IaLR: Card Wars. That's right, now we have spell cards!

    Spell cards are the equivalent of PvZ Heroes tricks. Thank you to BoltBlizard for suggesting to add spell cards to our game. Now you can make spell cards as well! The rule is that you can make one spell card for each fighter card you've added. To suggest cards for the game, click the following link:

    That's all for today. …

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  • SuperGaming101

    I should have made this a long, long, LONG time ago in the first place, and I now feel bad for doing so, but anyone can have ownership over my characters. I hope you have fun using them and have some roleplaying fun. This will probably be my last post, but if I happen to randomly check in again and you've sent me a message I might as well answer..Just don't expect me to answer early. At this point of writing/typing this, I sort of feel like I should say a real goodbye too.

    Thank you to you guys, everyone on this wiki (not leaving anyone out) helped me in some times when I was feeling selfconcious at times, and I respect that. A lot. At one point, you were some of the only friends I had..Now I'm doing better when it comes to having friends, …

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  • Redfork2000

    Just as Promised

    December 24, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! I'm Redfork2000! Have a wonderful holiday!

    Well, some of you might remember that some time ago, I promised to give you two new games as a gift this year. Well, here we are. Both games are completed, and ready for you to download. Enjoy!

    An original title created by myself, and only myself, Planet Zunix is a Shoot 'Em Up game that focuses on fast paced, boss battle action stages. The game consists of twelve unique boss battles, each with their own attacks and gimmicks, as well as several other features, such as four playable characters. It even has a two player mode to play with a friend! Pretty cool, huh?

    Anyway, here's the download link so you can download the game on your computer, and play it yourself. Have fun beating them…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Say, remember the blog about the thing that was used to be called my "second generation of IaLR"? I'm doing something like that again.

    • Fire Monarch - A superheroine I've been planning for Dawn of Superheroes.
      • Age: 17
      • Gender: Female
      • Species: Human
      • Personality: Fire Monarch is quite kind and flirty, but hot headed and emotional.
      • Superpowers: Flight, fiery punches and kicks, and butterfly summon
    • Anti-Corolla - Basically the dark compartment to Corolla Amethyst.
      • Gender: Female
      • Species: Half-human, half-Gemstone
      • Personality: Cunning, and secretive, she likes to ruin others' days and make fun at them. However, she has a soft side.
      • Superpowers: Same as Corolla's - Flight, super speed, electric orbs, lasers, and magic
    • Lena Lollipop - An anthropomorphic lollipop …

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  • BoltBlizard

    Wow, it's almost the new year with about a week's distance, and Christmas before that...! Wow, time is stupid magic!

    ...Oh, we're live. OK, gimme a sec!

    Hi, everyone - reading from the IaLRverse or not (I don't judge)! It's me, ANIME Bolt! And let me tell ya - I probably don't have as much boiling in my think tank like most of you people do on here, but I 'do' still have a few things in mind.

    Let me show you what I'm working on - considering, and all the like... Follow me, and keep up!

    Just remember this is MY house.


    Now, these, uh... 'projects' don't have working titles juuust yet, but that doesn't mean I can't enlighten you guys! This one is probably closest to my current up-and-running works that's on this place, but I decided to keep…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Heya! Chilly here, and I'll be talking about Christmas with Richard, Kernely, Kingston, and Dominic (two of my GMod OCs)!

    (Oh, and if you don't know the last two well, look here. Warning: Will contain a bit of inappropriate themes and some swearing.)

    Anyways...come on in!

    Just as expected, Richard, Kernely, Kingston, and Dominic arrive all at once.

    • Richard: Heya!

    Welcome, welcome!

    • Kernely: So now that the four of us are here, can we start now?
    • Dominic: What Kernely said.

    Okay, but first, let's all do a Christmas photo!

    As the five get ready, Samantha arrives, holding a camera.

    • Samantha: Alright, are you ready?


    • Richard: Mmhm!
    • Kernely: Yeah, I'm ready!
    • Kingston: Of course! (I wish Sara was here.)
    • Dominic: I'm ready!
    • Samantha: Okay!

    Suddenly, Torchy, Pealy, Blovy,…

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  • Redfork2000

    IaLR: Card Wars Database

    December 16, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Welcome, friends of mine! I'm Redfork2000. Welcome to the database for IaLR: Card Wars! This blog post will contain all the Leaders and Cards available in the game so far. I recommend you pay a visit to this blog when choosing your deck, for it will help you see what cards are available to use.

    By the way, if you want to submit card proposals, this is the place to do it. Even though you can do it in the main IaLR: Card Wars page, this is where I'll be checking constantly for new card & leader proposals, so if you want your card to be more likely to be added into the database, I recommend you make your card proposals here.

    You don't know what IaLR: Card Wars is? If that's the case, check out this link:…

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  • Redfork2000

    IaLR: Card Wars

    December 16, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! I'm Redfork2000, and here I bring you a new game I've came up with. Behold, IaLR: Card Wars! It's a card game designed to play in threads. You get to choose a leader character, a deck of cards with all your favorite characters from IaLR, and play against other users of the wiki in threads! Not only that, but since this card game will include characters from everyone's roster, you can propose your own leaders and cards for the game! Sounds interesting? Well, glad you think so!

    This blog will be the main database for this card game: IaLR: Card Wars. I might put a link to this blog somewhere so you can always have access to it. Before we begin, I believe it'll be best for me to explain the rules of the game.

    Ok. Here I'll explai…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Heya! I felt that I should bring out many of my IaLR characters for questions again. So here's a blog.

    • Richard Melon
    • Torchy Snap
    • Jay Martin
    • Blovy Blower
    • Veronica Foster
    • Corolla Amethyst
    • Samantha Pop
    • Tiffany
    • Margaret
    • Lauren
    • Tessa
    • Serenity
    • Jennifer
    • Jade
    • Lucille

    • Kernely Pop
    • Pealy-nutty
    • Tomato Joe
    • Meagan Mint
    • Olivia Olive
    • Seth Strawberry
    • Ginger Jackson
    • Crabapple Cindy
    • Jimmy Jam

    • Dr. Jewel Johnson
    • Mr. Gossamer (even though he can't talk)
    • Benjamin
    • Victori-A

    • Jacqueline Gallagher
    • Giovanni Hendrix


    Was that too loud for you...? Sorry.

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey there! It's Chilly, and it's almost Christmas. But we're also about to hit the big 2019! So that's why I'm making this blog.

    There has been many events going on this year, to be honest. From the infamous SSBU "Grinch leak" to Ugandan Knuckles memes, there's just... a lot. Anyways, let's get rolling!

    Although this time the list is a bit shorter than the previous one, but don't worry!

    • There were many good games this year, but 2017 still rocked for me, though.
      • Kirby Star Allies
      • Mario Tennis Aces
      • Inconoclasts
      • Celeste
      • Bloons Tower Defense 6
      • Super Mario Party
      • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
      • Undertale Nintedo Switch port
      • WarioWare Gold
      • Deltarune demo
    • IaLR: Heroes of Echo Creek. Fork and Pea made this series, which in turn one of its episodes (Shadows of War) made…

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  • CITRONtanker

    What's up, all? It is I, CITRONtanker, here to once again talk to you about my plans within this RP! As Smash Ultimate nears ever closer, I need to take my mind off of it somehow, before I burst. So, I bring to you my newest Meganouncement. Let begin, shall we?

    Captain Jack Squid-ow is my next Story. On the back burner. I have shared the idea before, and I have great ideas for it. But I need one more hook to make it truly enticing for me to finish it. Enter my newest character.....

    Here's a brand new character- Victoria, aka, Captain Lemon! I plan on introducing this character within Captain Jack Squid-ow, perhaps as a neutral character, but that's up in the air. Once the captain of her own band of pirates, a terrifying sea monster one day r…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hello everyone! Pea here with a blog on top 10 stories by Fork, since he has done a similar blog for my stories. Recently, as we have both completed the third season of Heroes of Echo Creek together, Fork has some pretty decent stories overall, with lots of action and character development included. For this list, only complete stories with Fork as the main writer will be included. So without further ado, here we go! Top 10 stories by Redfork2000, remastered...again!

    So, before we get to the top 10, here are some honorable mentions!

    • Lemonade Rush
    • The Amulet of the Dark Seas
    • Electrifying Crush
    • The Super Powered Expansion

    Coming at #10, we have The Super Powered Renaissance!

    Similar structure and plot to Red Fork's Rampage, only this time we have f…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Here I am with yet another top list! (though it's been a while since my last top list, to be honest...) Today I'm doing a new list of my favorite stories written by PeaVZ108, one of the users I've worked with the most recently. Last time I made this list was at the end of HoEC Season 2, and there's many new stories to add in this update. So this time, I'll be counting down the top 10 stories by PeaVZ108, now including the stories from HoEC Season 3!

    For this list, I will be including both stories he has written alone, and stories that he has written with several users, but as the main writer, such as Nitro Mania or Hybrid Mayhem. Now, without further ado, let's start the list for the my top 10 favorite stories from PeaVZ108. …

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Redfork2000 here!

    First of all, I'm already working on the videogame "Battle for the Multiverse". Hopefully it'll be reay in time to give to you guys as a christmas gift, together with the demo version of Plants vs Zombies Blast.

    But let's focus on the main point of this blog. Time Turmoil has been completed! I have to say, I'm really glad with the results this episode has had. The episode kept a good pace, we had several users participating almost daily, and overall, I think it was a solid start to reviving the IaLR RP. More successful episodes like this one, and the IaLR RP will be back to its former glory, if not even better.

    Now, this was just my opinion, but I'd like to know what you guys think about this subject. That's …

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Title. Here's mine:

    • Huion KAMVAS GT-191 with pen and 3 year warranty
    • Mario Tennis Aces
    • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    • $100 Steam gift card
    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Animate
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  • PeaVZ108

    Hello, everyone! 2018 is coming to an end after this month, so to celebrate the upcoming new year in advance, I will be announcing some stuff that I have been planning for some time now, which will occur somewhere this December or next year. Without further ado, here we go!

    HoEC, or Heroes of Echo Creek, is a story series written mainly by Fork and I. We came up with the idea of combining our stories into one whole series after realizing that they had continuity and consistency in terms of the timeline. It was somewhere around mid-Season 1 when we executed the idea and created HoEC. And in less than a year, we have 3 seasons consisting of 60 fully complete stories! How crazy is that?

    Anyway, according to Fork, Season 4 is set to begin right …

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  • Redfork2000

    December News

    December 1, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Wow, two blogs in a single day? That's something I didn't think I'd do.

    Hello, everyone! Here I am, this time bringing you the main news of upcoming plans I have for the final month of this year. So get ready, here are the main announcements I've got for this month!

    As you probably know by now, we're currently in the middle of the first IaLR Episode of the IaLR Renaissance, a term I made for this set of IaLR episodes that's coming with the series' long-awaited revival. If you haven't joined the episode yet, you could still do it. Just go to this link:

    If you don't know how the IaLR Renaissance works yet, I'll explain briefly. It's pretty simple. You see, Jelo and I agreed that after Cookie …

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  • Redfork2000

    Disclaimer: This song wasn't written by me. You can find the original version in this link:

    When I heard the song, I thought to myself... why not do this song with some of my characters? And two of them fit the roles perfectly!

    Red Fork:

    Ahhh! Such a beautiful day!

    The sun’s shining in a beautiful way!

    Gonna take a shower, brush my teeth and...

    Dark Shadow:

    Life is ultimately meaningless.

    Red Fork:

    Uhh... But I'll get out of the house!

    Get on the road, top down, hooves out

    Put on my favorite song and nod to the rhythm!

    Dark Shadow:

    The planet's being destroyed by your carbon emissions.

    Red Fork:

    Oh... But I- I-, I’ll head to class

    Try my best on every test ‘til I pass

    And my grades are screaming in my face!

    Dark S…

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  • Redfork2000

    Villains' Rap

    November 30, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Disclaimer: This song is meant for parody only. None of this is canon, it's just a random idea I got when hearing a pretty cool song.

    It's a dark night. The gang is having a huge sleepover. However, their peaceful sleep is soon interrupted by... VILLAINS! The house they're in is smashed by a giant tentacle. Galaximus sees them, and attempts to smash them. They barely manage to escape.

    Blue Ocean: What do we do now?

    Alice: According to the news, the villains are attacking the city!

    Red Fork: Well, I guess there's only two options: Fight or die.

    (Music Begins)

    Fight or die, Fight or die, Fightin'

    Fight or die, Fight or die, Fightin'

    Fight or die, Fight or die, Fightin'

    Fight or die, Fight or die, Fightin'

    (The gang encounters Bark)


    Feeling frantic…

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  • The Planted AKEE

    ThePlantedAKEE here with the many reasons why Bandana Dee should be in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate... This will either go on until he does get in, or I die... Whichever comes first!

    Bandana Waddle Dee is a character in the Kirby series who first appeared in Kirby Super Star, but made his playable debut in Kirby: Return to Dreamland!

    In his first appearance in Kirby Super Star, Bandana Waddle Dee was simply the first opponent in “Megaton Punch”, a mini game where Kirby and the opponents try and break a stack of bricks in half to see who's stronger (but end up cracking Popstar in half). He didn’t show off much strength in easier difficulties, but in later difficulties, he’s stronger!

    Starring as King De De De’s loyal servant, Bandana Waddle D…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey, remember the recent teaser for my upcoming IaLR spin-off story series named Tales of Richard?

    Here's another trailer for the series.

    We see Richard and Kernely talking to each other.

    • Richard: So Kernely, how's Foodland going?
    • Kernely: Well, last visit I fought off that sneaky Jacqueline again...

    Blovy arrives, dressed up as Jacqueline.

    • Kernely: ...not.
    • Blovy: I'm gonna steal Kernely's throne! *soon after, she rips off her costume* ...Just kidding! It's Blovy!

    Richard and Kernely each pull an aside glance.


    Cut to Pealy, Margaret, Samantha and an unnamed Kernel-pult hanging out at Kernely's house.

    • Pealy: *to the unnamed Kernel-pult* Lilia, anywhere we can go to later?
    • Lilia: Well, perhaps Stop & Slurp?
    • Pealy: Yeah, I'd like to go there.

    Kernely arrives.…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Story Series Teaser

    November 25, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey there! I'm gonna show you something...

    We see a movie theater. Cut to inside of one of the theaters.

    • Richard: I'm honestly really enjoying this movie. Are you all?
    • Torchy: Yep.
    • Kernely: Of course!
    • Pealy: As always!
    • Jay & Blovy: Mmhm.

    After a few moments, the six suddenly burst out laughing due to a funny scene in the movie.


    Kernely is cooking something in her house, but when she attempts to grab a spatula, she slips and falls. She tries again, but it repeats. With each time she attempts to grab the spatula, she slips. We then see Samantha, who has been watching this.

    • Samantha: Can I help you...?

    Kernely starts to get mad about her repeated slipping and gives up grabbing the spatula, forcing Samantha to do it successfully. Cut to Kernely an…

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  • Moon Snail

    Heya! It's everyone's least favorite Florida man. I know I'm not really active as of recent, but I'm not dead or losing interest in the series! Here are a few things that'll be happening soon regarding my run with the IaLR series!

    I bet everyone's wondering about this. Don't worry! It's not dead! I'm still working hard on it, despite some distractions. However, I do have some announcements to make regarding it:

    • Despite the retirement of SuperGaming101 and possibly RodimusPrimeHans-Cuffs, their characters will not be removed from the game.
    • I now have a full list of levels to the game, and the plots to each of them. I'm gonna have to keep them secret, though.
    • I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but there are actually three modes. There's the ma…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Chilly is here, back with a thing, but something different.

    You see, before I discovered IaLR and founded this wiki, I actually used to roleplay as Richard and co. in older RPs on the PvZ Wiki, and it was way before the RP branch shutted down.

    One of them was a Lost City-themed one, which marked the first appearance of Richard, Torchy, and Kernely. I met The Ancient Pult-Ancestor, DatDramaPlant, and Fairy27 there. TAPA's roster had a SUPER F***ING EDGY Pepper-pult who is like one of the characters of the film series Terminator. Plus, he got mad at me when I wasn't following the plot, causing 2016!me to think he was acting in a rude way. yeah how dare you 2016!me >¦(((((((

    Another one was one based on Sky City (which I made but got bland), which…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I updated my list of favorite characters from PeaVZ108's roster.  And since we've just finished season 3 of HoEC, it's a great time to check out the list and see how things are going.

    On this occasion, this will be a list of my top 20 favorite characters from PeaVZ108's roster. Enjoy!

    Ok, I'll be honest. At first I didn't consider him as interesting as most of the other gemstones, but more recent stories, specially some from season 3 of HoEC, have helped change that drastically. Perhaps the story that most contributed to this was the Blocked Room Gang, where Toby Topaz plays a major role in the plan against Emily Green. Anyway, I really like his personality. And while Red Ruby tends to get on most char…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hi guys! As per Fork's request, I decided to do a top 20 list of his most powerful characters...again! With so many new characters through the third season of Heroes of Echo Creek, I have to admit this is indeed a tough decision.

    So, here we go!

    • Tommy
    • Black Gem
    • Paula Python
    • Green Tea Cookie

    What? Lemon Glass is this low now? What happened?

    Anyway, Lemon Glass runs a lemonade stand with her brothers, Big Lemon and Sour Lemon. She is also a great character, with a caring and friendly personality, but besides Lemonade Rush, she doesn't participate much in the gang's adventures, which doesn't help her stand out as much as my other characters.

    A villain-turned-hero who used to work for Dr. Zack until Blast helps him realize that he has been tricked yet…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Here I am once again with a new blog post. So, some time ago, I played Cookie Run. I really loved the game, and even though my tablet stopped working again a couple of days after getting Cookie Run, the game managed to inspire me a lot. I already decided to add quite a few characters from Cookie Run to my roster, along with some cookie OCs.

    However, that's not the point of this blog post. This blog post is about an idea I had. You see, in a recent update of Cookie Run, they added something called Relationship Charts. Basically, you get to know what different cookies think about each other. I thought it was a pretty nice feature, even though I didn't get to see much of it before my tablet died. So today I decided to try somet…

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Well, I'm gonna wait til IaLR is back again. Right now I'm just updating my article pages. Bye.

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Redfork2000 here. So very recently, PeaVZ108 made a blog post about the Tier List for his villains. And since I steal ideas got inspired by his blog post, I decided to do the same for my villains. Remember, this list focuses on the threat levels of each villain, and not necessary brute strength, so villains like Dr. Zack and Bright Spark will be included on the list. Also, no villains from the Shadow Dimension will be included, since most of them are basically recolored versions of their original counterparts.

    Before we get to the tier list, here are what each tier will mean.

    S - This rank is for the most powerful and threatening villains that can only be defeated by the most powerful of attacks.

    A - This rank is for villains th…

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  • PeaVZ108

    My Villains Tier List

    November 12, 2018 by PeaVZ108

    Hi guys! PeaVZ here, and this time, I'm going to try something different! I'm going to categorise my villains according to how powerful and threatening each one of them they are, including side villains and minor ones! Note that since this tier list isn't necessarily arranged by how powerful the villains are, so villains like Re-Peat Boss will be included. And I won't be including counterparts from the Shadow Dimension as well.

    Before we get to the tier list, here are what each tier will mean.

    S - This rank is for the most powerful and threatening villains that can only be defeated by the most powerful of attacks.

    A - This rank is for villains that are very powerful and threatening, and are able to put up very good fights by themselves.

    B - This…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    It's my birthday

    November 10, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey guys! I have something to tell you today!

    It's my birthday!!!

    Thank you for supporting me since 2016. IaLR wouldn't progress without everyone, including me.

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    whats new

    November 10, 2018 by Da Interruptor Haha132

    well i've been missing lot of things... what happened to the series? whats goin on?

    what is the latest core series btw?

    ps; today is my bday. yay

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!


    TimePlay 2 is a sequel to TimePlay. Like its prequel, you play games on a screen with your phones as controllers though wifi.

    • New trivia games have been added
    • Theme design and music overhaul
    • More avatars to pick from
    • The points amount after the games in movie theaters have been changed
      • 100 SCENE points are awarded to the player in 1st place, while 50 are awarded to players in 2nd-9th. Meanwhile, 25 SCENE points are given to everyone else that played the games
    • TimePlay 2 focuses mostly on trivia than arcade games, more than its prequel
    • There is now a harder mode called Omega Mode that changes some parts of the games you play
      • Most of the games' music are changed with a while playing in Omega Mode. For example, Pick Three uses an exten…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Heya! Chilly here, and I've got something to tell you...

    Expecting new characters?

    Or a fanmade IaLR idea?

    Or new stoies?

    Well, it's not all of that... Get ready for...


    Sorry for scaring you, but it's One Topic Touchdown!!, a blog series where I post one topic at a time. Most of the episodes have a question. And you can also make an episode, not just me!

    The first OTT episode will be released November 9.

    Well, it's true! See ya there soon! YA-HOOO! 14:13, November 7, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Basically, show everyone your IaLR characters' SSB movesets in the comment section below.

    Here's some of mine:

      • Neutral Special: Melon Lob - Richard lobs a frozen melon that deals 7% damage.
      • Side Special: Blade Burst - Richard throws a snowflake blade forward that deals about 4% damage.
      • Up Special: Upward Tackle - Richard jumps up and swings his Icy Armageddon in midair.
      • Down Special: Ice Bomb - Richard plunges his sword into the ground.
      • Final Smash: Guardian of Frost - Richard lunges foward. If he connects with an opponent, he will slash them up before doing a series of slashes with his Icy Armageddon before slashing them down, dealing 60% damage overall.
      • Neutral Special: Butter Toss - Kernely lobs a flaming butter foward, inflicting fire dama…
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  • CITRONtanker

    So many people have done this, it's only natural for me to get in on the action. I think you know the drill by now. Ask away!

    A happy and outgoing Inkling, but a potentially fatal opponent all the same. One of the most well-known members of the Gang.

    Needs no introduction

    Jenny and Galaximus's little sister, with a robotic suit of armor to take on anybody.

    An Octoling that escaped the awful Deepsea Metro, a former Galactic Army commander, and the biggest sweetheart this side of the wiki.

    Headstrong, but sensitive inside, he never backs down to any challenge!

    A clever Inkling who nearly ended up working for Galaximus

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  • BoltBlizard


    Noun A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

    This is the lore behind my IaLR RPG: Accursed Asylum. In here, information about the Asylum and the cast there is noted and remembered.

    Piece of lore Who said it Quote
    The cell rooms of the Asylum are in hospital style treatment. Narration What appeared to be Anna and Spongebob were in hospital styled confinement - with some differences. They're in separate rooms, they were periodically checked, and were restrained down by machinery when they weren't allowed to leave their rooms.
    There are at least 20 floors in the Aslyum, more or less.



    May all those on BF20 please exit their rooms?  -Peaco…

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  • CaptainRustbolt21

    Boredom can lead to different things...

    You can ask whoever you want. Just specify who you're asking.

    The Class-S agent of the USMSF (United States Military Spy Federation) and the tank of the Locked Room Gang.

    The redeemed Ink Demon and manager of Joey Drew Studios and the one who slacks out of battles for the LRG.

    The Fallen Angel and co-manager of Joey Drew Studios. She's quite a gal!

    The lead commissioner of the Echo Creek Police Department and a jolly fellow.

    CEO of HyperTech Industries and Director of the HyperTech Agency.

    A forgotten running gag.

    The monster lurking in the shadows and part of the Sun God Solaris.

    The manifestation of suffering and part of the Sun God Solaris.

    The chairman of the terrorist organization, the Crimson Order. And …

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  • CITRONtanker

    A teaser.....

    November 1, 2018 by CITRONtanker

    We thought we were immune....

    We were wrong....

    One day, a severe oddity occured in the RP world we know and love. Heroes and villains from all over gathered to witness the going ons. It’s not that bad for you and me- not now, at least.

    From a cliff, overlooking a grand sea, a congregation of hands were seen flying around in the sky. It felt like a nightmarish convention of pupeteers. In the center of it all, a mysterious, multicolored enitity can be seen.

    Jenny: I still cannot figure out what that thing is....

    Lincoln: It looks like something from my comics, only worse.

    Asher: This is no mere fantasy, human! We must prepare to fight! *He draws his Carbon Roller*

    Lisa: Using basic logic, it would be best if we each disposed of an equal amount. But th…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Blog O' Shorts

    November 1, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    I've got some skits to show you!

    And before you ask, it doesn't have just IaLR-related stuff.

    (We see Christopher and Jade watching a romantic movie.)

    • Christopher: So Jade, you like this movie?
    • Jade: Yep.
    • Christopher: Nice.

    (Christopher and Jade are about to kiss, but then Johnathan pops up behind the couch and ends up getting kissed.)

    • Christopher now has a girlfriend here.

    (A Super Mario Bros.-based castle level. We see Mario avoiding many enemies. And just he is about to enter a Warp Pipe, he notices a Thwomp above it. Mario then runs past the Thwomp, and when it comes crashing down, it enters the pipe and is launched into the sky (and eventually space) in another level.)

    • Was inspired by a Brawl in the Family strip.

    (We see Richard's house, unusually bo…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Disclaimer: It's over.

    UPDATE: My list of most powerful characters now have some major changes!

    Welp, this is going to be a long one. Ho boy.

    Hey everyone, it's me again, PeaVZ108! It's almost November 1st, the same day on 2016 when I officially joined the PvZ wiki, which means that it'll be almost my 2nd anniversary! And wow, so much happened over the course of one year! Can't you believe it?

    From an eight-part series portraying the adventures of Starcade and Kyoji tracking down the different gemstones and convincing them to join their side (Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem) to an entire series of stories that include comedy, slice of life, action, adventure, romance, darkness and more (Heroes of Echo Creek), there sure has been a lot that …

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  • BoltBlizard

    Link to the RPG - message - is here!

    Consumable Name What it does Cost (in coins) Description
    Power Pellet Heals 5 health to the consumer and gives them +3 ATK for 3 turns. 40  Waka, waka!
    E-Tank Removes all debuffs from the consumer and heals them for 50 health. 100 Do not drink this. It's digitally made.
    1-up Mushroom Brings a defeated ally back up to half health and gives them two actions next turn. 300 You only live once, you know.
    Frozen Fruit Reduces move range of all enemies by 1 and halves their DEF. Both of these effects last for 2 turns. 100 Watch as time is slowed by a silver spread of snow...
    Minigame Machine Heals all allies by 20 HP and gives them all +1 move range for 2 turns. 250 Nothing like randomness to get your day started!

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