"I could go into an explanation right now, but I don't think I want to say anything near his face."
— Blitz[source]

Blitz is a character made by and used by BoltBlizard. An engineer ripped out of his own world, he's aspiring to get back home in question, having someone waiting for him that he wants to return to.



Blitz is naturally talented when it comes to technology, and that's where most of his 'toys' come from. He seems to make them lightning fast, and with a variety of uses. From simple shields to huge stationary turrets of pain, he makes all sorts from time to time.


Like said before, Blitz knows his tech. Rivalling the knowledge of geniuses of technology or perhaps those who ARE made of metal, Blitz takes pride in making things and putting them to use.

On hand

  • Usually, Blitz has some form of shield - except the shield he uses normally is a Mirror Shield, which reflects all long range attacks back while simply defending against close range. However strong it may be - it is fragile to stronger blasts, and can be pierced through with strong enough blows, especially in point blank range.
  • Blitz holds a Paralyzing Ray as his first weapon. It's a simple point and shoot which stops any living thing it hits from moving, no matter the size and being unless the target is resistant to electricity.
  • Blitz often tops all this off with high-power turrets, usually firing rockets or lasers. He can dismantle them and take them on the go as chain guns, but they are rather weak if he does so. Abnormally, they do more damage when stationary.


Blitz is a quick-thinker, and doesn't waste time in the heat of anything. When something needs to be done, he tries to help. But this can't excuse how over-reliant he is on what he uses. If something of his doesn't work, he is often left in trouble due to it, but this pushes him to improve (it's not working). Due to this, other characters may tease him and upset him, maybe leading to Blitz attacking out of frustration.


Blitz's backstory is little out of the ordinary. He was once at home, studying over advanced technology to advance specific values of humanity, when he tested one of his creations out. This made a wormhole, which dragged him into the locked rooms - explaining why he said himself he had no idea where he was or how he got there. It is said the wormhole closed afterwards - and since, Blitz has been trying to return home to those he misses and advance the human race even further than it already is.


  • Blitz is Bolt's second custom-made character. The first is Sanvi.
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