"Oh, that's what you're concerned about? Well, that's simple! You just have to be as awesome as me! And now, it's time for you to get a taste of Speed Boost!"
— Blaziken, making his debut in The Heated Battle

Blaziken is a fire and fighting type Pokemon who enjoys heated battles. He is rivals with Charizard. He is played by SuperGaming101.


Blaziken has been particpating in fighting tournaments for a quite a long time. He appears in The Heated Battle, where he meets Charizard while training in a cave. The two face off, and Blaziken wins due to his mega form. Blaziken then ends up fighting Charizard in an tournament in the final match, and after an intense fight, Blaziken reluctantly calls it a draw.


Blaziken is very arrogent and confident in his abilities, proud of his strength. He is cocky and smug a lot of the time, often making light of his opponents. He likes to brag and show off his power, and he absolutely loves the attention of his fans, loving popularity. However, as shown in The Heated Battle, he can also get serious when he acknowledges that his opponent is a threat, which doesn't happen very often.


  • Pyrokinesis: Blaziken has control over fire, due to being a fire type. He uses this in a variety of his attacks, such as setting his fist on fire and punching in Fire Punch, or just creating flames to burn the opponent.
  • Super Speed: Blaziken is very fast and athletic, being able to run on walls and go at such intense speeds that he becomes a blur. This has earned him the title of 'The Flaming Speedster'.
  • Super Strength: Blaziken is a very tough fighter, being able to dish out powerful punches and kicks.
  • Mega Form: Blaziken has access to Mega Evolution, which allows him to change to a more powerful state for a duration of time. In this form, he becomes much faster due to Speed Boost, and he also becomes physically stronger.




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