Alex, now known as Blast is a 18-year-old boy who was a normal highschool student, until a DNA-alteration machine affected him one night, and the next morning, he had super powers.

The character is roleplayed by Redfork2000, and his first appearance in IALR was in Face the Music.


Although he's 18 years old, he can childish, playful, curious, etc. He is also care-free and confident. Most of the time he's just having fun. However, as seen over the course of Heroes of Echo Creek, he has been growing overtime and maturing, thanks to the guidance of other members of the gang such as Red Fork, Kyoji and others.


All his abilities known so far are:

  • The ability to fly.
  • Super Strength.
  • Super Speed
  • Ice powers (he gained these when learning Fridjitzu in Stories: The Ninjas of Ice.


Stats Blast

Blast's most notable stat is mobility, thanks to his superpowers he has super speed and is able to fly, both things enhancing his mobility so that even though Red Fork is technically faster than him, Blast still has the higher mobility stat as flying characters are much more mobile than non-flying ones.

Blast also has a good power stat thanks to his super strength, and thanks to learning fridjitzu from Jaiden. While he isn't as skilled in fridjitzu as Jaiden is, he is still capable of performing several ice-related attacks.

Besides this he has slightly above average health, and below average defense, stealth and defense.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Characters of the Blast/Dr. Zack Plot!, Blast is in C tier, having some good offensive abilities and enough mobility to dodge attacks.

Relations with other characters

Red Fork

They are good friends, although they only recently met. They share a care-free and confident personality.

Blue Ocean

They usually are good friends, although they don't interact too often.

Captain Red Shell

Originally they didn't seem to get along that well. Mostly it was because of the differences in their personalities, as they are quite opposite: While Captain Red Shell is serious and irritable, Blast is playful, care-free and childish. However, as time went on and Blast began to mature, they seemed to get along a lot better.

Lemon Glass

They get along pretty well, as Lemon Glass is very kind and pacient,and Blast likes to be humorous and fun. They are both good friends.


Blast seems to admire her, and whenever she shows up, Blast starts making puns of how "cool" she is. They seem to be good friends. Blast has revealed to have a crush on Jaiden, and the two have been developing a stronger relationship thoughout time.


He's his best friend, they are always togther. Tommy likes to help Blast as much as he can, and although he can go a bit too far at times, he always means good. Blast likes to help Tommy as well, and the two see each other almost as brothers.


They're good friends, even though they are very different, since Blast is playful, cheerful and sometimes doesn't take things seriously, and Alice is cold, serious and methodic. However, the two have learned to get along, and are now very good friends. Blast seems oblivious to the crush Alice has on him though.


Usually they're good friends and they help each other. However, since Boulder is pretty gullible, he can even be tricked to fight Blast and friends. When this happens, Blast usually ends up helping Boulder realize that the villains had tricked him again.


Ace is Blast's older brother. They had been separated when they were childs, but in The Ace Plan, they encounter each other when Blast tries to save Jaiden from Ace. During the intense battle, Blast lungs towards Ace, and makes him drop his flute. Both then realize who the other truly is, and hug each other, happy to finally be together again. Blast admires Ace as his big brother. Ace is protective towards Blast, and helps him whenever he is in danger.


Megaman 2

Megaman 2. Wily Stage Remix - DjWalturo

Blast's theme

Megaman- Powered Up- Robot Master Battle (Extended)

Megaman- Powered Up- Robot Master Battle (Extended)

Blast's Battle Theme


  • It had been mentioned a few times that Blast was not really Blast's name. However, it was until The Ace Plan that his true name was confirmed to be Alex.
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