Beatrice Johannessen Currantess, also known as Blackberry Cookie is a character appearing in the In a Locked Room series of roleplays. She was born in London, England, but moved to the States a few years ago. So far she's the only known cookie to be from England. She loves organization, and likes to read mystery novels, and can play the piano and the violin. She also drinks tea every afternoon. She is roleplayed by JeloJellyJam, Redfork2000 and CITRONtanker.


Beatrice is a sophisticated and elegant cookie. As she was born in London, she grew in the british culture, and still keeps several traditions like drinking tea in the afternoon.

She loves organization, in fact, she always makes sure her house is as tidy and elegant as possible. She keeps her books in alphabetical order, and her house is overall always elegant and tidy.

She may seem to be serious at times, specially when there's a job to be done, but she can be friendly, generous and caring with her friends. She is very hospitable with anyone who visits her house, and always offers them a cup of tea.

Beatrice loves music, specially classic music. She enjoys playing the piano and the violin when she's alone in her house. Another hobby she has is reading mystery novels. She has a whole book shelf full of them, and they are all kept in alphabetical order.

She cares very much about always being elegant and sophisticated. Not only does she always do her best to act as sophisticated and formal as possible, but she also does her best to always look elegant, and hates to get dirty. She will avoid mud at any cost, as she hates getting dirty.


The Locked Room Gang

Blackberry Cookie is neutral with them, but she respects them as a good team that can overcome several obstacles, can solve problems and overall are good at teamwork.

The Cookies

Blackberry Cookie is friends with the other cookies.


  • She usually talks with a british accent.
  • She knows a bit of french, and in occasions will say some french word while she's talking. When she's angry, she will start talking her frustration out in french.
  • Her most valuable possesion is a teapot and teacups that were of her grandmother.
  • Her favorite drink is tea, and will frequently be seen drinking a cup of tea if she's not doing something else.
  • Originally, Beatrice was going to be a magic user with the ability to sense ghosts. However, Jelo decided to scrap it after seeing Redfork2000's work.
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