Black Gem is a pegasus and Crystal Empire Agent, and Dark Shadow's closest friend. Together, the two defend the Crystal Empire from threats such as Bright Spark. She is also a treasure hunter. She is roleplayed by Redfork2000.

Her first appearance in an episode was in Mass Attack as an unknown character, and she was revealed in Isolation Point.


Black Gem simply loves anything that's shiny. She specially loves gems, and ancient treasures, and therefore she became a treasure hunter, and a very efficient one.

However, after she met Dark Shadow, she became a Crystal Empire Agent, and helps to defend it from evil enemies.

She is an elegant mare, she likes to look good and shiny, but doesn't doubt to get her hooves dirty in a fight if it is necessary. She can fight very well, and does it with style. If a disagreement occurs, she'll likely try to get her way. She can even try to entice a male to make him do what she wants.

Black Gem has also been shown to get easily distracted. In Operation Blue, while she and Dark Shadow were supposed to collect black crystals in Resound River, she went off and stole a bunch of treasure from Sir Clash and his lobsters. This also occurs again when she spots the Eradicator raining fire on the town and decides to investigate without telling Dark Shadow.


  • Great combat skills, she is not only a great fighter, but also fights with impressive style and elegance.
  • She can fly, due to being a pegasus.
  • She is an expert of sneaking past guards and passing security systems.


Stats BlackGem

Black Gem has stats that are perfectly suited to her playstyle as a rogue/thief character. While she has below average health and low defense, she can easily mitigate those weaknesses thanks to her high mobility and stealth, which can allow her to avoid being bodied by characters that would otherwise defeat her easily. She also has a good power stat, and this along with her above average intelligence allows her to make the most of her attacks to make very precise strikes that can quickly incapacitate a foe. While she isn't as tanky as Red Fork or Dark Shadow, she is by no means low-tier.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Ponies, Black Gem is a C tier character, that has a high enough power stat to subdue most low and mid tiers, but her own low health and defense means that she isn't capable to fending off more powerful builds.

Relations with other characters.

  • Red Fork: Sometimes allies, sometimes foes, depending on what are Black Gem's objectives at the moment.
  • Blue Ocean: Black Gem can trick him into doing whatever she wants by using her enticement powers. This was seen in The Battle Tournament, when Black Gem kissed Blue Ocean to quickly take him out of the fight.
  • Dark Shadow: They are allies, they are partners as Crystal Empire Agents, and they always try to help each other.
  • Captain Red Shell: They have a clear rivalry, since Black Gem loves to steal jewels and treasures, mostly from the Crab Empire. That makes Captain Red Shell see her as a thief more than anything else, and Black Gem seeing him as an obstacle to her objectives. However, in a few stories, it's revealed that they actually do care for each other, even if they won't express it.

In a Locked Room Series

Her first appearance was in Mass Attack as a mysterious character with an unknown identity. She inmobilized Red Fork so Blue Ocean could give him the antidote to return him to his normal state. Then she leaves saying she has something important to do.

In the next episode, Isolation Point, she is revealed to be Dark Shadow's partner as a Crystal Agent Empire, and is introduced to Pea Jay and Sarah Reese. She accompanies the group to help Sarah to find her mother, but at the same time she alerts them about an enemy that is searching for them in the locked rooms.


-Royalty Free Music- Disco - strange day

-Royalty Free Music- Disco - strange day

Black Gem's Theme

Club Rouge ❰Sonic Battle - REMIX❱

Club Rouge ❰Sonic Battle - REMIX❱

Black Gem's Battle Theme

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