In a world, where villains thrive....

(shows multiple screenshots of villains fighting the Gang)

One stands tall, wanting nothing but destruction

(screen glitches, showing a Squid logo)

Now, she must be stopped. Before the world suffers...

Jenny: Holy Squid...

The Locked Room Gang is waging a battle.... Of galactic proportions!

Galaximus: Just try and stop me! BWAHAHAHAHA!

She's big... *shows Galaximus destroying a city*

She's bad... *shows Galaximus throwing Paper Inkling and Sedusa to the ground*

And her plans are ugly...

Galaximus: *projecting her voice to the Gang* You showed up? How pathetic! You could never beat me.... EVER!

Can the gang defeat this Inkling Goddess? *shows an evil clone of Jenny, HIM, a bunch of Evil Inklings, and Galaximus laughing*

Or will they just become her dinner?

Galaximus: *dangling Jenny over her mouth* Hope you enjoy this breath- it will be your last!

Find out in this Episode of In a Locked Room!

Jenny: This could get ugly....

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