Big Sister Trouble
Season Season 2 Episode Unknown
Air date TBA
Written by CITRONtanker
Directed by CITRONtanker
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Big Sister Trouble is an upcoming episode of Season 2, Part B in the series In a Locked Room. In this episode, the gang must track down and defeat Galaximus, Jenny's evil sister. They must navigate her castle grounds, and ultimately, breach her defenses. However, this might not be as easy as they suspect. Can they defeat this wicked Inkling, or will they just become her dinner while she's ruling the world?


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  • This is the first episode written and directed by CITRONtanker.
  • This marks the first time the gang must fight Galaximus.
  • The name on this episode references the phrase "big trouble" and the fact that Galaximus and Jenny are sisters.
  • Zap the Electric Currant will make an amazing saving appear.
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