"No. You are staying down there to avoid exposure to that rose of yours. It's for your own good."
— Beta (Talking to Ib)[source]

Beta is an Octoling from Splatoon. Beta's kind, the Octolings, are normally villains, but in this case, Beta is an exception as he is supporting the Locked Room Gang. He is controlled by BoltBlizard.



Beta, being an octopus version of an Inkling, has all their normal capabilities. The squid form, the hiding in ink camouflage, etc. In case you don't know, the squid form allows an Inkling or Octoling to reduce their size into a little squid or octopus to slip through grates, hide in ink to heal (and refill ammo), or speed away while in ink for a speedy retreat.

However, Beta has one main gimmick that sets him apart... It's his weapon choice! Instead of the normal Octoshot that most Octolings use, Beta has spent most of his time early on while in IALR with an E-liter 3K (a sniper rifle with the longest range), Ink Mines and an Echolocator (locates all enemies).

However, in Locked Room 3D World, Beta changed his weapon while fighting DJ Octavio who showed up. His new weapon is a Tri-Slosher, a bucket of ink that fires straight ahead of the user and at slight angles to the left and right. It also includes Burst Bombs (weak bombs that explode on contact with anything) and the Killer Wail (a laser of insta-death that passes through walls).

However! Once again, his weapon has been changed as of Splatoon 2's release. He now holds a Clash Blaster - a rapid fire and explosive shotgun with range to fit it's role. He still packs the Burst Bombs he had previously, but has swapped out the Killer Wail for the Splashdown - a close range attack that sends the user up and then back down for a circular and ink-fueled explosion that acts as both a temporary shield 'and' a damage dealer.


Like said before, Beta is very serious about what he does. He puts his time into something that he wants to make count, and is often a protective individual when he puts his mind to it. Though Beta can have little to no patience and is often too serious at the wrong or worst of times, he is guided by nothing more than wanting to prove he, unlike the bulk of his kind, is an Octoling with a difference to the crowd he came from.


Splatoon Remix - Octarian Rendezvous!

Splatoon Remix - Octarian Rendezvous!

Battle against Beta (Normal)

Splatoon Fantasy (Final Boss Remix)

Splatoon Fantasy (Final Boss Remix)

Battle against Beta (Angry)


  • Beta is BoltBlizard's first male character.
    • However, Toxen was technically introduced at the same time as Beta, so they are both the first and second.
    • Beta and Toxen are also two of the oldest original characters Bolt has, and still has, especially after they were both brought into IaLR.
  • The Cloud Cuckoo Lander is the first time Beta appeared without Toxen.
  • Strangely, in Splatoon AND in Splatoon 2, male Octolings do not exist.
    • This was rectified as of Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion DLC, where Octolings were hence playable (to an extent) upon completion of the story.
  • In Locked Room 3D World, Beta threw his Octoling goggles off and destroyed them out of anger. He later says he didn't need them.
    • However, moments later, his goggles were upgraded and fixed - supplied help. On top of their normal aim assist, extra sight and scanners are now included.
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