Bendy is a cartoon character and protagonist of the IaLR series. He is the current manager of Joey Drew Studios.


Bendy is a mischievous little guy and a sneaky one at times. He loves to pull pranks on the ones he hates or for laughs for his teammates. He also has a bit of a short temper and absolutely hates it when someone uses the Ink Machine without his knowledge, as he knows the dangers of being drenched in the machine's Dark Ink. Nonetheless, as long as you stay on his good side, he is a pretty cheerful and friendly guy once you get to know him.



Bendy, as a 1930s toon, is a black and white demon with black shoes and white gloves, along with a nice bowtie on his "neck." He has a short body, has pie-shaped eyes, a demon's tail and a pair of horns. He occasionally carries a cane and sometimes wears a top hat as well.

Ink Demon

Ink Bendy looks like an amalgamation of a human and himself, with his right arm and his legs look seemingly human. He has a neck, his left arm having his 4-fingered glove and his signature bowtie slightly crooked and misplaced. His face is entirely shrouded in the Dark Ink, leaving only his creepy smile. His body also looks similar to a human skeleton, as it shows ribcages and other bones on his body, arms, and legs.


Alice Angel

Alice is Bendy's girlfriend. Bendy genuinely cares about Alice's well-being and safety. Although their relationship isn't toxic, he does throw a jealous fit whenever he sees Alice being interested in someone else.


  • He was originally owned by SuperGaming101, but he lost interest over time and is now owned by CaptainRustbolt21.
  • The man who created the concept of him was named Henry Stein.
  • The images were made by ItzXenos.
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