Barbarian King's Jangmo-o is a Pokémon owned by Barbarian King. He was rescued from Sligs as an egg, and became Barbarian King's main Pokémon (A given, considering his others are Venonats and Venomoths).


Being very young, Jangmo-o has little knowledge of how he should act, so he often causes trouble for the gang and himself, such as when he ate a shrunken Lucas. However, he still does what Barbarian King tells him to do, showing that he still has some manners.

Official Description

A fearful baby dragon. He follows Barbarian King wherever he goes, thinking he is his father. He's a brat, since he's very young, but he still has some manners towards his trainer.


Jangmo-o started off as an egg under the care of two Kommo-os. However, once the gang entered the rooms, two Sligs murdered his parents, leaving Barbarian King to take the egg for his care. Once the gang got out of Puzzle Universe, his egg hatched in the arms of Barbarian King, leading him to believe the king was his father.

He still didn't do too much aside from sticking with Barbarian King. However, he didn't have a pokéball, so he simply stayed very close. once Lucas returned to the gang, he gave Barbarian King a Timer Ball to keep him in. This allowed him to stay with the gang without causing too much trouble, until Barbarian King was put to sleep, making him drop his pokéball. While Jangmo-o was out of the ball, he noticed a shrunken Lucas, and immediately swallowed him. Lucas was MIA until the Spark Shards were recovered, Barbarian King woke up, and Jangmo-o spat out Lucas.


  • Bite: His only known move. Not very powerful, though.


  • In the games, Jangmo-o cannot learn bite.
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