Banjo is a recurring bear in the Banjo Kazooie series and one of Paper's characters. Banjo, compared to her bird pal Kazooie, is much gentler and nicer than Kazooie, while she is foul-mouthed and insulting instead. Banjo is a bear with yellow shorts and a blue backpack where he keeps Kazooie in.

Official Description

People who see a bear walk back slowly because they might attack them, but don't worry, this guy's a Nice Bear. We won't kill you, he'll save you from the evil witch named Gruntilda.


Banjo is a passionate bear who brings her friend Kazooie in adventures.


Season 2

Banjo debuted in Stare into the Dragon Soul with her pal Kazooie. Lillie mistakes Banjo as a Ursaring and mistakes Kazooie as a Fearow.

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