Athena, usually under the alias of Paley Anderson, is the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare and handicraft. She is controlled by ItzXenos.


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At first, Athena is presented as cold and forbidding, albeit a little wise-cracking in most situations, and is also often the demeanour she puts on when faced with opposition or in a hostile situation. However, over the course of her slowing growing friendship with Aurora Blue, begins to display her comedic and more friendly side with her, which has even began to leak into confrontations with others. A comment by Vortigon in Operation Blue suggests that this witty nature was apparently more evident when Athena was at her prime, but has been somewhat repressed over the past thousand years.

Being thousands of years old also means Athena is a little condescending and somewhat altruistic, being quite willing to assert herself over over people, and is quick to respond to insolence with her harsh, forbidding tone, as well as using terms like "Buddy", "Darling" or "Dear" in a mocking tone. Athena is highly intelligent and a careful thinker, being near pre-eminent in various skills such as lying, combat and craftwork. Her mind is hard-wired to be generally analytical, though it takes notably one or two seconds to quickly make predictions and act on them, and even so her condescending character can lead to her being a little stubborn at times.

Athena has also shown no interest in pursuing any kind of romantic relationship, a key part of her characterisation by the Ancient Greeks denoted by one of her epithets, "Athena Parthenos" meaning "Athena the Virgin". This quite obviously shown by her disinterest and eventual annoyance at Andrew Smith trying to woo her in Dating the Deity. She also mentions that guys have approached her in the past, presumably meeting a similar fate as Andrew did.

However, in recent times a more vulnerable side of her has been to poke through. As seen in Echo Call and Operation Blue, Athena has shown to be confused and overwhelmed by her emotions towards other people, believing that friendships aren't worth it due to the pain that eventually comes out of losing them. This is evident in the implication that Athena has remained alone for the past thousand years, and more evident in her reluctance in having to take Aurora in as an agent, fearing she'll grow attached to her and won't be able to handle the loss of her eventually dying. Her fears appear to be proven when Vortigon kidnaps her in Into the Fire and her guilt over the situation, showing a genuine attachment to Aurora that Athena had seemingly striven to avoid, ends up prompting the confused and panicked mental breakdown seen while she is held by the gang in Echo Call. This fear of loss is only worsened in Operation Blue, where even Vortigon takes note of her distress and calls her out on it, and mocks her for allowing herself to be attached to something so insignificant compared to her.

Athena also has a high dislike of being embarrassed, most notably in Dating the Deity where Andrew's first attempts to get her affection make some onlookers think they are an already established couple. Realising these thoughts, Athena notably flushes red and covers her face with the brim of her fedora before quickly trying to walk out of sight, ahead of Andrew and Aurora. It is also of note Athena's attitude towards her work; From the way she uses the case of a Twisted Harvester in Holding Back as a lesson to teach Aurora, it could be argued she is only pursuing her own interests in solving these cases, and not some benevolent "for the greater good" mindset.

Powers and Abilities

Athena has the standard abilities of a Deity.

Unique Powers

  • Supernatural Mind: As a goddess of wisdom. Athena's mind is arguably her most valuable asset.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: She is quite intelligent, with fairly adept problem solving abilities.
    • Supernatural Wisdom: Being thousands of years old, she has a high awareness of the world and the natural order.
    • Enhanced Memory: She also appears to be able to remember most experiences, even those from hundreds of years ago, fairly well. She remembered exactly how many years ago she started her work as an Agent.
  • Illumination: As a show of strength, she can make her irises glow till she stops it. This is most notable in dark environments.
  • Electromagnetic Interference: She has on multiple occasions caused nearby lights to flicker, spark, or explode. This also occurs when she is incredibly displeased/angry.
  • Telekinesis: As a goddess of handicraft, her telekinesis is most powerful on things that are non-living, such as wooden furniture, metal or plastic. As such, her telekinesis' strength on living things is somewhat limited, often equating to just a strong push or pull.
  • Weapon Apportation: She can materialise her weapons in her hands almost instantaneously. This has a short cool-down, however.
    • Weapon Teleportation: Said weapons can also be teleported away to an unknown safe-space.


  • Tactical Mind: Being a goddess of wisdom, Athena has a highly analytical mind that she can use to plan out her next move.
  • Combat: Athena is a skilled fighter in both hand-to-hand combat and weapons. Despite her endurance, Athena is not exactly the strongest when it comes to raw strength. So, with her tactical mind, she relies on predicting and learning her opponent's tricks and strategies and eventually form a counter-attack rather than brute force, generally keeping her distance to do so.
    • Martial Arts: Her hand-to-hand combat skills are incredibly fine-tuned, having both the strength to overpower most opponents, the durability to take several hits and continue to fight, and the reflexes to avoid some attacks.
    • Spear Proficiency: She is adept at using her spear, it being her go-to weapon in fights.
    • Sword Proficiency: She has also shown to be capable of using her dual xiphos effectively.


Athena has the standard weaknesses of a Deity.

  • Epsilon Trap: Athena can be trapped by a Epsilon Trap, which is specifically designed to contain only her,


  • Flashlight: Athena carries a flashlight in her blazer pocket.
  • FBI wallet and Badge: She also carries a fake FBI wallet and badge to impersonate an FBI agent for her work.
  • Her Briefcase: Athena's briefcase contains several different items that she uses in her investigation and combating of the supernatural, including what would later become Aurora's Blade.
    • Spear: Athena's spear is her most recognisable weapon. This spear can be thrown great distances like a javelin and she usually uses her telekinesis to bring it back to her hand.
    • Laptop: Athena has a laptop that she uses for her research.
    • Luminite Blade (formerly): Before giving the blade to Aurora in Holding Back, it used to belong to Athena and was used in special cases.

Notable Relations with other Characters

  • Aurora: At first, it seems that Athena mostly thought of Aurora as simply another case she was investigating, and even after choosing to take Aurora under her wing, the two's friendship started off more as a boss-employee kind of dynamic, their interactions starting as minimal. However over the course of their adventures together, Athena's initial cold and somewhat distant manner appears to melt away as she allows herself to banter more with the more naturally social Aurora.
  • Vortigon: It is clear there is much animosity between the two. Athena not only annoys Vortigon with her witty nature, but it is likely she holds a grudge against him for not only nearly killing, but likely also for capturing Aurora and holding her prisoner in between the events of Into the Fire and Echo Call.
  • Red Fork: After her mind was temporarily affected by the events of Into the Fire, it caused her to leave a path of destruction when she landed in Echo Creek during Echo Call. As such, Red Fork set out to incapacitate her, and they proved to be formidable opponents for one another. Later, when she finally opens up about her regrets with Aurora, Red Fork is the one who comforts her. By the end of the story, it seems to be that Red Fork and Athena may have developed a certain amount of respect towards each other.
  • Andrew:

IaLR: Tier Lists Stats

Athena stats.png

Despite having a fairly low power level compared to other characters of her tier, Athena makes up for this with her somewhat well rounded stats, having a synchronised high defence and health as well as her high intelligence. This all helps in her combat style, which focused on prediction and outsmarting her enemy, and using her above average mobility to keep ahead of them while she carefully chooses her next move.

According to IaLR: Tier Lists - Are Deities OP?, Athena is low A tier, being highly effective at close range with only a few bad match-ups, though is outshined by more versatile characters.

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"And it's moments like these that make me wish I sleep with a shotgun under my bed."
— Athena as Andrew tries to serenade her in Dating the Deity

"I want.. cookies... and a 90-minute cut of Avatar."
— Athena while under the effects of Scorp's poison in Killer Sting








  • Yes, Athena arguably counts as a tsundere.
  • The full name of her alias is Paley Pallas Anderson.
  • While not known at first, her ability to make her eyes glow ended up being remarkably similar to one of her epithets, Glaukopis, usually translated as "bright-eyed" or "with gleaming eyes". However, Glaukopis is a combination of glaukós (meaning "gleaming, silvery", and later, "bluish-green" or "gray") and ṓps ("eye, face"), another accidental similarity as Athena has grey eyes.
  • Staring into Athena's eyes appears to instil some kind of intimidation into a person.
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