"I'm so sorry. I know all you want to do is to get out of these rooms..."
— Asriel, after being able to feel emotions again, and regretting everything he did as Flowey the Flower

Asriel Dreemurr is a goat child who is the son of Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr and the sibling of Frisk and (formerly) Chara. He used to be the villainous Flowey the Flower, but he eventually transformed back to his normal self in The Lair of the Dark Star. He is controlled by SuperGaming101.


Asriel wears brown pants and a loose lime-and-yellow-striped shirt, alongside a golden locket bearing the Delta Rune. He has a goat-like appearance with green eyes.


Asriel is an innocent and compassionate goat child. Though he is very sweet, he is also very shy when it comes to meeting new people. However, he always like to think of himself as cool and tries to partake in activities that are deemed as cool. He deeply regrets his actions as Flowey the Flower, feeling guilty for the things he has done.

Weapons & Powers

  • Heart Locket: Asriel wears this locket that was given to him by Chara when they lived together in the underground. It can allow him to summon the following weapons:
    • CHAOS SABERS: Two powerful swords that Asriel kept from his God of Hyperdeath form.
    • CHAOS BUSTER: Asriel's gun that he kept from his God of Hyperdeath form. It can be charged up to fire a powerful rainbow beam.
    • HYPER GONER: Asriel owns an extremely powerful weapon that he can summon at any time. It sucks in anything that it is told to suck in. Asriel can control what it fires at in any of his forms.
  • Fire Manipulation: Asriel can use fire magic. He inherited this from his parents, Toriel and Asgore.
  • Stellar Manipulation: Asriel can fire stars from his hands.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Asriel fires electricity from his hands. This is the power he seems to use the least, so he isn't very skilled with it.


  • Chara: Asriel and Chara used to be best friends, until one day Chara ended up dying. Asriel misses her a lot, as they enjoyed the time they spent together a lot. Asriel is currently completely unaware that Chara has been brought back as a spirit, as he believes that she is gone forever. Although Asriel never agreed with Chara's hatred of humanity, the two still got along anyway.
  • Frisk: Frisk is Asriel's new best friend since Chara died. When Asriel and Frisk first met, he mistaked them for Chara. Frisk and Asriel since became friends, with Frisk forgiving him for everything he has done as Flowey the Flower. The two have something in common, as both has had experiences with save points and determination before, both previously having the power to reset.
  • Sans: Sans knows that Asriel was the one behind a lot of resets when he was Flowey, and the two used to have a lot of bad blood with eachother. Sans and Flowey always fought to the death in multiple timelines, with Sans not remembering all of the details while Asriel does. However, Sans does remember that Flowey comitted a lot of horrific actions against him and everyone else in the underground, and deep down Sans hasn't completely forgiven Asriel for it. He is willing to forgive Asriel if he just continues to do the right thing, promising that he'll never commit anymore horrible deeds. Asides from this, Sans doesn't really mind Asriel.


This article contains spoilers. If you don't want to spoil everything for yourself, DO NOT READ ON!

Asriel Dreemurr's backstory begun when he was born in the underground by Toriel and Asgore. He lived with them for a while, and loved them a lot. When he got to around the age of 10, a A human named Chara fell down on the golden flowers before Asriel's home. Asriel helped her up and quickly made friends with her, and Toriel and Asgore accepted her into the family. They lived a very happy life together, until one day, Chara fell extremely ill from buttercup flowers, and died. Just before she died, she had one last wish for Asriel, and that was to bring her body into her village on the golden flowers. Asriel and Chara's SOUL became one, and they became extremely powerful, and broke the barrier. However, a big amount of humans attacked them, thinking that Asriel killed Chara. Asriel could have fought back and easily have gotten rid of the humans, but he didn't and he took all of the hits. He managed to fullfil Chara's wish, and went back down to the underground, to die in front of Toriel and Asgore on the golden flowers Chara fell down on.

Later on, Alphys, the royal scientist, decided to do an experiment that she thought could bring monsters that were dead back alive, by injecting DETERMINATION into them. Her first test subject for this was Asriel, and so she injected DETERMINATION on Asriel's dust, which was on the golden flowers. This tranformed Asriel into Flowey the Flower. Alphys kept it, until one day it suddenly became alive and broke out. Flowey was still Asriel, and a new form of him, however he had no SOUL in this new form, and he could RESET. He couldn't feel any emotions in this form, except for some negative emotions, like anger. Eventually, he became curious and wanted to see what would happen if he killed everyone. He liked doing it, and so he became a monster, toying with all the other monsters in the underground and being evil.

In The Lair of the Dark Star, Flowey absorbed a bunch of SOULs, and then tranformed into Asriel. He turned to face the gang, and then suddenly tranformed into his God of Hyperdeath form. After using the Hyper Goner on the gang, he tranformed into his final form. After almost killing the whole gang, because he wasn't SOULless anymore, the gang managed to remind him of all of his good memories and tranformed him back to his normal true form. When GLaDOS gave Asriel one of her SOULs, Asriel managed to stay in his normal form, and he joined the gang in their adventures. He helped them fight Immortelle the Witch Hazel.






  • Sans suggested that Asriel got the idea of killing everything as Flowey the Flower from Chara. After the gang argued against this, Sans said 'Or maybe Chara got the idea of killing everything from Asriel..'
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