Artificial Intelligence Bomb is an upcoming Season 3 episode reserved on June 13, 2017 and is slated for a 2018 release. This episode is planned to have 4 parts.

In this episode, the gang, which were taken by a mysterious entity, must solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and defuse an "artificial intelligence bomb" before it enters a portal and blows up the multiversal bridge and the world, along with the gang.


Before they can get to the exit, the gang is kidnapped, and trapped in a room by a mysterious person. When they discover they were taken to save the world from an A.I. bomb bent on destroying the universal bridge, the gang must get past the challenges, solve the puzzles, and deactivate that bomb before the multiverse along with them goes kablooey!


  • This episode is named after the chiptune song of the same name: "Artificial Intelligence Bomb".
  • Jelo thought of the idea for the episode while listening to Artificial Intelligence Bomb and STAFFcirc vol. 2 - AI Bomb Variations.
    • The A.I. Bomb's look is also inspired by the bomb from the cover of STAFFcirc vol. 2 - AI Bomb Variations.
  • This room originally focused on Jaiden and a bunch of random YouTubers, until it was changed to focus on the gang instead.
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