"My friends are in danger, I must save them from...my best friend? But I can't kill her...she's my best friend...but I can't abandon my friends and let them get killed by my best friend either...this has to stop! I can't let anyone kill each other, I must stop this fight at once! But how do I do this myself? But no matter what it takes...I must do my part to save everyone! It looks like I'll have no choice but to be the hero today...yes, I must do it!"
— Amelia Amethyst in A Nemesis Long Forgotten

Amelia Amethyst is a main character originated from Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem. She is a novice witch from Atro City with a pure heart, despite still under training. She is roleplayed by PeaVZ108.


Amelia Amethyst has a triangular body with sharp ends and wears a dark purple witch hat with decorations such as playing card suits and a cat face, white gloves, a dress most suited for stage performances, a light blue cape tied with a triangular-shaped amethyst brooch, black socks and pink boots decorated with playing card suits. She carries a magic wand with a triangular tip.


In "Amethyst Atrocity", the gang learn that Amelia Amethyst is responsible for turning Atro City upside down, due to an accidental intake of nastidioxide, an evil substance. Amelia Amethyst is first seen ordering her zombified slaves to bake her cookies and puts Atro City on red alert when the gang were spotted in her laboratory. As the gang charge into her castle, Toby Topaz offers Amelia Amethyst an apple while using reverse psychology on her, freeing her from her curse and turning all Atro City residents back to normal. Shortly afterwards, Amelia Amethyst gets chased out of Atro City by an angry mob of Atro City residents, taking the gang to Diana Diamond's world.

In "Diamond Disaster", Sean Sapphire grows doubtful of Amelia Amethyst's magic capabilities, given her background and failures in spell casting. Amelia Amethyst gets provoked and Kyoji speaks up for her. In the Underworld, Amelia Amethyst also finds it unbelievable when the fake Diana Diamond claims that she knows her magic, and thus comes to the conclusion that she is a fake. The real Diana Diamond also reveals that Amelia Amethyst used to live in Gemstonia with the other gemstones.

In "Rainbow Gem vs the Forces of Evil", Amelia Amethyst uses her magic wand to track down Shogo the Warlord, helping Gary Garnet navigate his bomber plane (one of the OPhone Xtraordinary's transformations), annoying Shogo the Warlord in the process.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Touch: Allows Amelia to cast various spells using her magic wand. Notable ones include:
    • Magic Blast: Amelia can use this as an attack, but it does very little damage to enemies. It works against spirits unlike most other attacks.
    • Telekinesis: Amelia can move objects without physically touching them.
    • Stat Boost: Amelia can temporarily increase any kind of stat (defense, power, mobility, etc.) for her allies.
    • Forcefield: Amelia can activate a forcefield to temporarily protect herself and her allies from attacks.
    • Black Hole: One of Amelia's strongest spells so far. While it requires a load of mana to use, Amelia can cast a black hole to pull in enemies that she may have a hard time fighting against, such as Bob the Blob.


  • Amelia's Magic Wand: Amelia Amethyst's main source of magic. It requires magic touch to work, otherwise it is effectively as useless as a stick. Powered by mana, the magic wand uses up some mana each time Amelia casts a spell. Some magic spells may require a mana recharge which takes some time before they can be used again.
  • Amelia's Journal: Contains a list of Amelia's records about various topics, such as magic spells that she knows and unforgettable moments of her life. Amelia used this to convince Corolla about her doubts in A Nemesis Long Forgotten.



Amelia Amethyst seems to show gratitude to Kyoji, especially when the latter defends her by speaking up to Sean Sapphire.


The two do not really interact a lot, but they are shown to be good friends.

The Gemstones

Amelia Amethyst is friendly to the gemstones, being somehow the only one not to be too deeply affected by their separation in the past.

Red Ruby

Amelia Amethyst is more tolerant of Red Ruby's reckless behavior than anyone else in the gang, always believing that there is still goodness deep in him. However, after seeing the damage that Red Ruby has done all to satisfy his desires, Amelia had to face the hard truth that being kind and patient is not always the answer. In turn, she told Red the cold hard truth about why he is the way he is, which was something that made him snap out of his ill-bred thoughts.

Twilight Sparkle

Amelia Amethyst takes magic lessons from Twilight, and has shown to be a loyal student to the latter, always admiring her superior magic skills and willing to learn more.

Corolla Amethyst

Amelia Amethyst used to be best friends with Corolla, until she accidentally turned the latter into a human-gemstone hybrid. As a result, it scarred Corolla emotionally and destroyed her chances of pursuing her witchcraft career, causing her to grow bitter towards Amelia. The two reconcile once Corolla finds out that Amelia had been trying to help her all along, even if it took hundreds of years of failure.


Stats Amelia Amethyst.png

Amelia Amethyst has pretty average stats, with power being her weakest stat as her magic does not seem to do much damage on its own. However, Amelia is pretty good at the support role thanks to her abundance of spells, which makes her pretty versatile on the battlefield as she boosts her allies. This also justifies her high defense stat as well, as her spells often involve protecting her allies from damage such as forcefields.

In IaLR: Tier Lists - Meet the Gemstones, Amelia Amethyst is an E tier character. Despite being able to use a variety of spells, her base stats are just average and are not as good as other low-tiers, thus preventing her from putting up much of a fight on her own.




Deltarune OST - Scarlet Forest (Extended)

Amelia Amethyst's Battle Theme


  • It is revealed in Rainbow Gem vs the Forces of Evil that Amelia Amethyst only knows certain spells, due to her position as a novice witch, hence not being able to rejuvenate Diana Diamond's memory.
  • It is revealed in All That Glitters that Amelia Amethyst is a terrible dancer.
  • It is revealed in Leader for a Day that Amelia Amethyst is allergic to seawater. It is unknown how in subsequent stories Amelia does not react to seawater, but it is possible that it has been taken care of offscreen.
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