Alolan Adventure was a special planned by Moon Snail that would've happened after he got his laptop back, but he decided to scrap it later because he felt like it would be virtually the same as The Room of Pokemon. It would've marked the debut of Sun, and some more use of Lucas' Pokemon. When it was scrapped, it was replaced by Locked Room Triple Deluxe.


Everyone's Pokémon adventure continues as they take a trip to the Alola region! They'll meet new Pokémon, and be able to use powerful Z-moves! Who will be the one to rise as Alolan Champion?


It would've mostly followed Pokémon Sun and Moon's plot, with a few differences.


* denotes a character's would-be first appearance.

Moon Snail


  • Another reason this episode was cancelled was because one of the main characters of the source game, Lillie, was owned by someone other than Moon Snail.



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