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Alice is a 17-year-old teen that goes to highschool with Blast, and they're friends. She is a smart scientist who's always learning new things.

The character is roleplayed by Redfork2000, and her first appearance in IALR was in The Science of Metal Madness.


Although she's 17 years old, she's very mature. She likes to take things seriously and rarely likes to play around. She works very hard on her research and experiments, making her seem cold and distant at times, but she can also be kind and caring with her friends. She's very loyal and will do anything she can to help her friends when they're in need.


She's really smart and can research and discover new things fastly. She also has lots of knowledge about chemistry, physics, and biology. While she doesn't have superpowers like Blast does, she can still fight using some of her inventions, such as her flame cannon or her plasma cannon.

Relations with other characters


They're good friends, even though they are very different, since Blast is playful, cheerful and sometimes doesn't take things seriously, and Alice is cold, serious and methodic. However, the two have learned to get along, and are now very good friends. In fact, over time, Alice has developed a crush on Blast.


The two are very good friends, although Tommy can get a bit annoying for Alice from time to time. They two have developed a strong friendship over time.


Electra and Alice hate each other since they are both intellectual rivals. Electra always wants to prove that she's smarter than Alice, but it doesn't always work for her.


Alice can be a bit serious and distant at first, but this soon chances when they get to know her better, and can find her to be a true friend that will be there for them when they need her. However, if a villain is causing trouble, Alice won't hesitate in doing whatever she can to help her friends fight the villain.


Sonic Battle - Central City - Remix

Sonic Battle - Central City - Remix

Alice's Theme

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Mega man 3 - Gemini Man Remix

Alice's Battle Theme

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