"Smile, my dear! You're never fully dressed without one!"
— Alastor

Alastor is a demon residing in Hell and an upcoming antagonist of IaLR. He is an enforcer of Lucifer’s empire. He is owned by SuperGaming101.


When Alastor was still a human, he was a radio show host in the 1900s, doubling as an infamous serial killer. When he was finally arrested and executed in 1933, he was sent to Hell as he was a sinner, becoming a demon in the process. He found himself in the Devil's realm of Hell, where the Devil met Alastor in person. Amused by Alastor's lack of remorse for his murders, the Devil decided to torture Alastor himself for a long duration of time. This goes on until Cuphead and Mugman angers the Devil by keeping the soul contracts, where he goes to fight the Cup Bros. himself, allowing Alastor to escape his wrath.

Alastor runs off until he makes it to the more barren region of Hell, Lucifer's territory. Alastor meets Lucifer, where the fallen sees great potential within Alastor. Lucifer strikes him with a deal that involved Alastor joining his empire in return for great power. Alastor accepts the deal, proving his worth as a solider, and becomes one of the most powerful and feared enforcers of Lucifer’s empire.


Alastor has red eyes and his trademark smile, which he can always be seen wearing. He has jagged yellow teeth and gray skin. He is always seen wearing a dark red coat and dark red pants, always wearing gloves.


On the surface, Alastor is a charming, polite demon, with a love for entertainment. As he died in 1933, he still behaves as if it is still the 90's, referring to modern television as 'the picture show'.

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