"Assemble Task Force V. We got ourselves another black-ops mission..."
— Alan Robertson, when he prepares to deploy the Purple-Ops[source]

Alan Robertson, or simply Alan, is an antihero and occasional antagonist of the IaLR series. He is the corrupt CEO and founder of HyperTech Industries, Inc., and director of the HyperTech Agency and the Purple-Ops. He made his first appearance in Deadly Alliance.


Robert wears a light blue button shirt with a white blazer jacket, white pants with a belt, and black shoes. He has a strangely red scar on his left red eye, which extends from his eyebrow to his cheek. He also has white and cyan hair.

While disguising himself as a human, he wears a blue scarf to conceal his mouth, a black wig to hide his Inkling hair, and makeup to hide the "mask" around his eyes.


Alan is stern, serious, and usually rather straight-forward. He also has a bad case of apathy, as he doesn't care about the well-being of most of his employees and is only interested in growing technologically stronger. He also has an inability to show remorse, since he believes that whatever he is doing is for the greater good of Humanity. Whenever he is severely stressed, he starts to display his negative emotions from his past self; when he is stressed, he is arrogant, egotistical, stubborn, and has a short fuse.


When he was younger, he was once a patriotic citizen of Inkopolis, who used to love every minute of his life. He always used to practice for Turf Wars and is sometimes generally a well-behaved Inkling. Not only that, but he was gifted with extreme intellect in science, always curious about the things in life. However, due to his massive ego and short fuse, he is usually picked a lot in class, which caused him to have massive outbursts in school hallways. However, this didn't stop him from being the patriotic goofball he used to be. At one point, he even manages to get a girlfriend named Joyce, who has a rare genetic condition that causes her body to be unstable and unable to regenerate itself if she gets hurt (In Layman's Terms, if she dies, her body can't regenerate and her spirit has nowhere to go).

However, when Alan was about to reach maturity, Galaximus' rampage had begun and he was one of the few survivors that escaped Inkopolis, while Joyce gets killed in the crossfire. This took a massive toll on his mental well-being, particularly his patriotic side and the thought of never getting to see Joyce again. He eventually lost all hope for his Inkling kind and eventually decided to "switch species" when he reached adulthood.

When he got ahold of some of Dr. Eggman's technology (via a dumpster that had scrapped Egg-Robos in it), he decides to reverse-engineer it and create new computer chips for a laptop that he bought. The highly-advanced chips boosted his computer's performance greatly. Wanting to make a business out of this, he saved money to hire a bounty hunter to steal technology from various futuristic scientists he knows. When the bounty hunter collected what he needed, he reverse-engineered it and sold them to the black market and thus, HyperTech was born.

Using all of the money he earned, he set up a base of operations in a small island near San Fransico, California, dubbing his company "HyperTech Industries, Inc.", and calling upon a group of spies to steal more tech from other futuristic scientists. When he eventually hears about the Locked Room Gang, he fears the thought of the possibility of the gang turning rogue and destroying the world. To cope with this fear, he sets up the HyperTech Agency and creates a black-ops force called Task Force V, now known as the Purple-Ops.


  • Locked Room Gang - Robert, along with HyperTech as a whole, has a strained relationship with the LRG, due to them having different views on how to deal with villainy. He also fears the fact that if the Locked Room Gang turned rogue, the world wouldn't stand a chance, which was the main reason why he established the HyperTech Agency.
    • Jelo Elducal - Alan only sees Jelo as a stubborn college student who recklessly got himself into the rooms. He also treats him like one, often belittling him.
  • Galactic Army - Robert hated the Galactic Army, seeing them only as agents of chaos and would do anything to bring them down.

Theme Songs

Alan Robertson's Theme

Alan Robertson's Theme

Alan Robertson's Battle Theme

Alan Robertson's Battle Theme


  • Alan Robertson was inspired by DC antihero, Amanda Waller.
  • He likes to drink soda. His favorite soda flavor is Mountain Dew White Out.
  • Robert, naturally, knows the Inkling language and is a fluent speaker of English. However, due to his clever human disguise, him speaking the Inkling language can sometimes catch characters off-guard.
  • Robert never uses his Squid form. When he does, he always acts he went through a dizzy rollercoaster when reverting back.
  • He was originally gonna be an actual human and Dr. Creep's alter-ego, but the concept was eventually scrapped.
  • The images of Alan Robertson were made by user Fairy27.