This is a transcript trailer for the 29th episode of Season 2 in the Locked Room series, Air Ride.

 Next time, at the Next Room...

Gruffle: Can anything better than empty city as visio-

Voltaire: Watch out!

(Everyone gets blown away by the very strong wind. Next up, scene shows a collecction of normal Air Ride Machines.)

An Unknown Voice: *voiceover* If you want to advance to the next room, you must pass the trial. The City Trial.

(Scene switches to the time that gets spoken.)

Gruffle: Confirmation, Kahili, right?

Voltaire: Only 30 seconds in and you forgot the name.

Gruffle: Not like emblems are needed, I not have single emblem and poor racing skills! So can't join!

Voltaire: Not surprised about it, huh?

Kahili: It doesn't matter, if any one of you wins, then the key to the next room is yours. But me joining? No thanks. Me and my Toucannon will have to feel this room's wind for our fate.

(Scene switches the participating characters choosing their Air Ride Machines. Yoshi chooses the Winged Star, Rosalina chooses the Rocket Star, and Voltaire chooses the Compact Star.)

Klitz: *voiceover* While I can drive, I'd rather take that Pokemon Battle offer instead.

Kahili: *voiceover* You're really that confident even though I have the advantage. I like it.

(Scene switches to the part that was done.)

Gruffle: Reasonable? I feel out of place.

(Scene switches to the actual City Trial, with the participating characters exploring a cityto collect upgrades and stuff to prepare the Stadium outcome.)

Voltaire: I'm gonna win!

(Then it switches to Yoshi getting a Dragoon part.)

Yoshi: A box near the sea, a legendary part achieved! *is happy*

(Then it switches to Rosalina getting some foods.)

Rosalina: Should help in making it better.

 What are the possibilities?

(The screen shows a broken 4th wall, showing dumb characters everywhere...with their Air Ride Machines!)

Gruffle: No...Must redeem self for all!

 In a Locked Room - Season 2B: Air Ride
 Coming Soon!
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