Air Ride will be the 32nd episode of Season 2 in the series In a Locked Room. There will likely be two or three parts. In this episode, the Locked Room gang will be racing, this time in an air-ground hybrid, and the character focus is Yoshi.


See the transcript trailer here.

The gang arrives in an unknown city, and what did they first see and thought of? It's a race, near the ground, but having air vehicles! The winners will be part of the Top 10, although Kahili does this because a threat is trying to destroy the area after a total of 100 wins, and he's at the 99 mark. Will the gang be able to stop this threat?

Meanwhile, Yoshi is starting to feel the emotion of pain...


TBA (Not started yet)


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(This is not in order of appearance, since the episode did not air yet.)


  • Kirby Air Ride - Most of the episode is entirely based on this game. Specifically, it'll only be one City Trial with 2 events during that and a race. A regular race during the battle against the threat, Shapeshifter Yoshi, follows.


  • This is the third room that's based on a Kirby game. The first was Mass Attack, the other is Locked Room Triple Deluxe.
    • This is the only room in which the Kirby game is a spin-off and not part of the main series.
  • This is the third room that's based on racing. The first was The Room of Mario Kart and the second is Royal Rainbow Road. However, this is not exactly based on racing.
    • This is the only one that has no connection to the Mario Kart series.
  • This is the first room having the idea of a transcript trailer.
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