Adyson Sweetwater is a character in Phineas and Ferb and the In a Locked Room series of roleplays. She is one of the Fireside Girls in Danville Troop 46231.[1]


Adyson is sometimes comical, also helpful and nice to people. She is accident-prone, meaning she is vulnerable to accidents, ranging from comical to serious.

Physical Appearance

Adyson has straight dark brown hair with large bangs and a curve at the bottom. She has green eyes, rosy pink skin, and a red headband (which she sometimes doesn't wear). She wears a sleeveless uniform with a split in the collar and sides at the bottom, and high-top shoes.[2]

Experiences So Far



Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Adyson is really good friends with Isabella. She sang with Isabella in the song S’Winter, along with Gretchen. She willingly took Isabella’s place as the one in charge when she left with Phineas and Ferb to circumnavigate the world and helped her up on a plane when Clay Aiken sang. Later that summer, she was saved by Isabella when she was caught in a river and forced downstream. Also, Isabella helped her heal from her concussion. [3]

The Other Fireside Girls

Along with the other Fireside Girls, Adyson is often involved with Phineas and Ferb’s Big Ideas. In “The Great Indoors”, Adyson was shown to be accident prone; getting heat/sun stroke in the desert biome, getting swept away by a raging river in the rainforest biome, and getting hit on the head with a rock in the mountain biome. In “Isabella and the Temple of Sap”, Adyson was tethered to Gretchen as the latter was reading a book and calling out directions to the other girls.[4]

Phineas Flynn

Adyson along with the other Fireside Girls, help out Phineas with him and his brother’s Big Ideas.[5]

Ferb Fletcher

Not too much is known about the relationship because both of them rarely speak. Also, in “The Great Indoors”, Ferb said to Adyson, “Sorry, Adyson.” when she received a concussion.[6]


  • Adyson, and the other Fireside Girls, were originally going to appear in Face the Music as captives, but appeared in the Clash Royale room instead.
  • Her roleplayer wants a bigger role for her.


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