""Galaximus... damn you! It's been over 50 years! *readies his pistol* Justice will finally be served!""
— Abraham, seizing the chance to confront Galaximus and try to kill her

General Abraham Tower is the founder and general of the MMO and an upcoming protagonist of the IaLR series.


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General Tower is an aging human male with a lined face, grey hair and mismatching eyes of green and blue. He has stern features and wears a grey uniform adorned with a sash and ribbons of yellow, red and blue


Same goes here... only partially

Commander Tower is shown to be a gruff, stoic and almost an inconsiderate military man, as he without hesitation or worry deemed Shadow a disposable liability on the mission to destroy the New Black Comet (because of his connection to the Black Arms) despite Shadow having saved the world from the same threat. In spite of his cold demeanor and military upbringing, General Tower is a very caring and protective man at heart, as he have established the MMO, fearing that there eventually will be a threat where not even the Locked Room Gang would handle.


After the GUN military discovered the Inklings and learned about their high intelligence, GUN decided to have a meeting with the Inkling military so they could agree on working with each other, while the GUN soldiers, including Abraham before coming commander, explored the city of Inkopolis. Things were going great until a certain orange menace came along (we all know her).

Since the GUN units were heavily underprepared, the were not able to stop Galaximus. Only Abraham, as well as a few lucky GUN soldiers and Inklings, managed to escape alive. Abraham always loved how Inklings were almost human, but he now hates Galaximus for destroying all of Inkopolis. He now holds a grudge on her and wants to kill her, preferably himself if the opportunity arises.

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