— ARCHER introducing himself after being called his old name.

For ARHCER's normal form, see Lucas.

ARCHER is the killer robot version of Lucas. He was transformed from Lucas by Necrola in The Room of Super Mario Galaxy.


ARCHER was created by Necrola, when she and Bowser Jr. stuck Lucas into a machine that killed him. He was then sent to Melty Molten Galaxy unwillingly by the Mysterious Figure. After the gang dealt with CRUNCH, they were introduced to him by Necrola. Immortelle the Witch Hazel then summoned Cursed Shroomers to support him. After a tough battle, Super Monkey realized that the Necromite that converted him is within him. He punched a hole through his chest and took out the Necromite, turning him back into Lucas.

Abilities and weapons

  • Chain Gun: His left arm has been changed into a high-powered gatling gun with homing bullets.
  • Phantasm: His right arm has been fused with his Phantasm Arrow. It fires arrows at a much more rapid rate compared to his normal form.


  • OVERLORD: ARCHER and OVERLORD were best friends as humans, and still remain as closest allies after robotification.
  • Necrola: As Necrola turned him into this form, she serves as his master. She gives him commands.
  • HAWKINS: Since Necrola's robots are designed after HAWKINS', ARCHER sees him as his ancestor, and deeply respects him.
  • Immortelle the Witch Hazel: He sees her as an ally, since she was alongside Necrola at the time of his creation, but has a neutral stance on her otherwise.
  • Other killer robots: He sees them as allies, but never really encounters them.
  • Everyone else: Pure, unadulterated hate. He is only designed to terminate everyone who is not an ally.


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