"What to do for now?"

574lk3r is a character from the H4W-H4W universal stream. She is part of the Humanimals, the team that ROCKFLAME leads. She is the second-in-command in the group, D4rk51d3 being the sub-commander. 574lk3r serves as a winged weaponized backpack in fusions.


Very similar to ROCKFLAME's personality, except she isn't angered easily. Whenever ROCKFLAME says that 574lk3r has a point, she always says "I always do."


71m3d1c: 71m3d1c is one of her best friends. When 71m3d1c got killed by Dark Flashlephant, she was really sad

A.K: Friends, but A.K can be crazy at times.

ROCKFLAME: Unknown to everyone, but ROCKFLAME is one of her friends. ROCKFLAME likes her and she knows. If she gets hurt, ROCKFLAME protects her. She's prone to changes due to the fact that she and ROCKFLAME in 2017 didn't talk to each other much.

D4rk51d3/Dark Flashlephant: Unknown, but probably just mutual friends of ROCKFLAME. When D4rk51d3 revealed his true allegiance, both ROCKFLAME and 574lk3r are after him.

M.I.R.A.G.E: She's friends with M.I.R.A.G.E.

5733lwh4l3: She doesn't like him at all.

DEFCON: A former classmate, DEFCON served as communication between ROCKFLAME and her.

In the locked rooms

She, D4rk51d3 and ROCKFLAME ended up in the locked room after an accident. She and D4rk51d3 usually served as power-ups for ROCKFLAME. Due to the fact that the past changed a lot in her home universe, she had a tendency to change, even disappearing once. For April Fools, she usually uses a fake arm sling.


In her Infinite Pack, she has the following items and more:

  • Telescope
  • Books
  • Medical equipment

In the Seeds of the Future:

  • Holomattercycles of all types
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