IaLR: A Crossover Fanfic Roleplay
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The Planted AKEE
Moon Snail
• 5/11/2018

RPG: In a Locked Room: Hero's Quest

Hello everyone! I decided to start an RPG-based roleplay, but with our characters of IaLR. Anyone can join!

Now, you'll be wondering how this will work. For this RPG, you can create a total of three characters, but you will only use one at a time. For instance, let's say I use Red Fork, Blue Ocean and Captain Red Shell as my characters. However, I can only use one at a time.

The game will be played by chapters. You can only change your character at the start of a new chapter, or when your current character dies. So for example, if I choose Red Fork for chapter one, I'll have to use him until the end of the chapter, or until he dies, whatever happens first.

Now, as in most RPGs, there will be classes and stats. I'll describe the stats the characters should have, and then the classes available:


Health: Pretty obvious. This is how much damage your character takes before dying.

Defense: This is how much protection the character has against damage. It is expressed in percentage. For example, if an enemy deals 50 damage to your character, but your character has a defense of 20%, that means that your character will only receive 80% of the attack's damage. So that means that your character would take 40 damage instead of 50.

Attack 1,2,3: Each character will have 3 different attacks. Based on you class, the attacks can do damage, buff allies, heal them or cause negative effects on enemies.

Passive Power: This is a small buff that happens when this character is in the battle. Examples of Passive Powers can be "All X type of characters deal 20% more damage" or "All allies have a 25% chance to resist poison" This passive power is active as long as the character is in battle.

Special Power: This is a special power that has to be charged before using. To use the power, you must charge your Power Meter. The power meter is cahrged by 10% with each move the character does in battle. So in order to fully charge your power meter, your character must do 10 moves.

Tribes: Pretty much like in PVZ Heroes, each character belongs to certain tribes. Examples are: "Ice, Fire, Water, Electricity, Earth, Science, Air, Pony, Human, Inkling," etc. Some enemies and attacks do bonus damage versus certain tribes. For example, a fire enemy would deal more damage to a ice character, while a water character could deal more damage to the fire enemy.

Bonus: Here you can describe what tribes your character does bonus damage to. An example for an inkling character, for example, could be "Deals 20% more damage to Peas".

Classes: Each character should belong to one of the following classes:

-Knight: This kind of characters have medium-high health, medium defense, and strong attacks. They can have a buff attack or a negative effect attack, but their specially good at dealing damage on enemies while having enough health to keep fighting for a while.

-Tank: This kind of characters have very high health, and high defense. Their attacks aren't too strong, but their great durability makes up for it.

-Mage: This class has medium health, low defense, and high attack power. They can perform all kind of spells, that can cause negative effects on enemies. They can also perform some buff moves.

-Supporter: They have low-medium health, medium defense and low attack power. They may not be the strongest, but they have the highest buff effects on their allies, as well as dealing negative effects on their enemies. They can also heal allies as much as mages can, and they're the only class whose Power Meter fills up 15% per move instead of 10%.

-Thief: They have low health, low defense, but have powerful attacks. They are experts in dealing negative effects on enemies, as well as having passive abilities dodging.

Now that you have seen each class, here's a list of different effects. Some are positive, and some are negative.

Positive effects:
-Power Up: Increases a character's attack.
-Defense Up: Increases a character's defense.
-Heal: Increases a character's health.
-Shielded: Gives a character 100% defense for a short amount of time.
-Meter Fill: Fills a character's meter by a certain percentage.
-Purify: Removes negative effects from a character.

Negative Effects:
-Power Down: Reduces an enemy's attack.
-Defense Down: Reduces an enemy's defense.
-Poison: An enemy takes damage over time.
-Burn: An enemy take damage over time.
-Stun: An enemy loses a turn.
-Freeze: An enemy loses a turn.
-Meter Steal: Empties an enemy's meter by a certain percentage.

Characters and enemies can also have other custom effects as well, but these are the basic ones.

To join, you must create 1-3 characters. I'll give you an example of how these characters should be, by creating my characters.

Red Fork
Class: Knight
Health: 500
Defense: 20%
Attack 1: Charge: Deal 100 damage to a specific target.
Attack 2: Power Smash: Deal 75 damage to a target, 20% chance to stun the target.
Attack 3: Power Meal: An ally has a 50% Power Up for 2 turns.
Passive Power: All allies deal 10% more damage to enemies.
Super Power: Sun Fork Blast: Deals 100 damage to each enemy, and gives them a 20% Power Down for 2 turns.
Tribes: Pony.
Bonus: None.

Blue Ocean
Class: Supporter
Health: 250
Defense: 25%
Attack 1: Electric Beam: Deals 50 damage to an enemy, and reduces that enemy's defense by 30% for 3 turns.
Attack 2: Forcefield: An ally is shielded for one turn, and then has 30% more defense for the next three turns.
Attack 3: Explosive Invention: Do 25 damage to each enemy. Has a 25% chance to stun each enemy.
Passive Power: All science allies have 20% more defense.
Super Power: Power of the Machines: All enemies have their defense reduced to 0%, and all allies get 30% more defense for 3 turns.
Tribes: Pony, Science
Bonus: 20% more damage vs Electric & Water tribes.

Class: Mage
Health: 300
Defense: 10%
Attack 1: Poison Potion: Deals 80 damage to an enemy, and has a 50% chance to poison that enemy.
Attack 2: Ice Potion: Deals 100 damage to an enemy, and has a 25% chance to freeze that enemy.
Attack 3: Acid Potion: Deals 50 damage to an enemy, gives them a 25% Power Down, and has a 50% chance to burn that enemy.
Passive Power: All science allies have a 10% chance to deal a random negative effect on an enemy when they attack.
Super Power: Plasma Cannon: Deal 300 damage to an enemy, and has a 50% to deal a random negative effect on each other enemy.
Tribes: Human, Science
Bonus: 20% more damage vs Human tribe.
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The Planted AKEE
Moon Snail
• 5/24/2018
Ok now fixed god editing on this is annoying
• 5/25/2018
Ok, your character has been approved! Do you want to create another one, or do you want to go straight to the first chapter?
• 5/25/2018
I’ll go straight to the first chapter
• 6/16/2018
Thinking of making a support character seeing as we don’t exactly have any healing
• 6/19/2018

Class: supporter

Health: 125

Defence: 30%

Attack1: repair beam: heal 60 health points

Attack2: improbability drive: select a allie and a enemy give the Allie one random buff and the enemy one random debuff

Attack3: copy paste: select a enemy or allie and used the move they used the previous round

Super move: improvement drive: all allies gain one random buff and heal 20 and all enemies take 20 damage and get one randome debuff

Passive: all moves that have a chanced based affect have there probability increased by 20%

Tribe: xeno sience

Bonus: deal 20% more damage to sience tribe
• 6/19/2018
This is a pretty good character. There's only one adjustment I should do:

Healing 100 is too much, so we'll change that to healing 60, which is still a decent amount. The rest of your character's stats and attacks are good exactly as they are.
• 6/19/2018
Nice I’ll make that change
• 6/20/2018
Ok, your character has been approved. He will be added to your list of playable characters when chapter 1 ends.
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