IaLR: A Crossover Fanfic Roleplay
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• 4/5/2017

Paper's Gadget Show

Alright, So the rules are simple, as the Judge of this competition, I want you to create the best gadget/ machinery/ robot/ high-tech weapon you've ever made. The Judging is based on points. The amount of points you have will determine the award you will get

Gold: If you exceed 80 points you will earn gold. Great work.
Silver: 67- 79 Its OK but Nice.
Bronze: 49 - 66 At least you tried but you did your best.
No Award: 0 - 48 Well, you tried.

Anyways: Post your gadgets. Once everybody posts their gadget its judging time.

* Be Original
* Don't copy out of someone elses work
(Its not possible to break gadgets so dont worry)

Anyways, lets start the competition.
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• 4/7/2017
Penny: WOOHOO!
Jelo: Hey. Notifications are out!
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